originally published Monday, December 07, 2020

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With my series of articles on the virus scam and the NWO (New World Order) I was kind of hoping that if I needled them enough, in recognition of my perspicacity in figuring out their game they would, instead of hauling me off to a “drug assisted re-education center” instead smile and give me a lifetime all-expenses-paid season ticket to all their gatherings, namely the Bilderberg meetings, the Bohemian Grove shindig, the Club of Rome, the Council on Foreign Relations, Davos, the Trilateral Commission and even the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) big gathering in Beijing, with a VIP mask exemption for all gatherings of course, so that I could rub shoulders with them and be initiated, with all appropriate rituals, to even higher levels of understanding. A leather-bound personally signed and dedicated copy of Klaus Schwab’s "The Great Reset" would also be appreciated.

More seriously, I have received the following idea from an appreciative subscriber…

“Mr Maund: I plan on sending a link to your article to my entire email list;


Will suggest they do the same with their email list(s).

Even if only a small fraction of them do so, in just a few iterations, your article could literally be sent to everyone in the world!

I suggest you promote the same since, if successful, this method of communicating can survive any amount of NWO censorship.”

I will therefore appreciate it if any of you sympathetic to this idea do as he suggests. This is the link…

In loving memory of FREEDOM 1945 to 2019 – Rest in Peace

There is no password required to open it.

Congratulations to any of you who bought FansUnite Entertainment (FANS.CA) on Friday afternoon as suggested, as it is up 25.4% today at the time of writing on news that it has been granted 2 Malta gaming licenses, the significance of which is that this opens the door for the company to all of Europe for online gaming.

Posted at 11.40 am EDT on 7th December 20.

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