originally published Tuesday, August 15, 2017

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The Neocon – Zionist drive for world domination is set to be brought to a screeching halt by something as simple as GOLD. This article is not politically motivated – the writer has no political agenda or affiliation – and the motivation for producing it is to enable you to understand the pivotal role that gold will play in thwarting the Empire’s imperialist ambitions, and how this means that the price of gold – and silver – will skyrocket, and sooner than many think possible. When you know that this is set to happen, and you understand the key reasons why, you will be able to position yourself to profit greatly from this profound and seismic global shift.

First we will consider briefly the ambitions of the Empire and its current situation. Although transnational in scope, the Empire’s main geographical centers of power are the United States, Israel, whose power is out of all proportion to its size, and the old center of power Britain, which serves as the “Right Hand Man” or “Number One”. The goals of the Zionist part of the Neocon – Zionist alliance are the creation of a greater Israel, to use their words “stretching from the Euphrates to the Nile”, and in pursuit of this goal they have already destroyed a significant part of the Arab world employing a “scorched earth” policy utilizing the US military, which they control, and which is designed to wreck the economies of neighboring Arab States, leading to their subjugation. Their ultimate prize is Iran – once they have overcome Iran, the hugely indulgent and self-important Arab Sheikhs in Saudi will be unceremoniously kicked out of their palaces and probably left to the mercy of the mob, and here we should note that as Israel is a nuclear power with a population of only 8 million, and Iran is a non-nuclear power with approx. 80 million people, the attack would have to go nuclear to succeed. At this point most Arabs will be turned into an army of indentured servants who exist to serve their Masters in the Greater Israel – the only other choice they will have will be to flee to the emerging Caliphate in Europe, where Germans have already become 2nd class citizens in their own country, since immigrants have more protection under law than the indigenous population. From Israel’s point of view it is surrounded by States that are very different from itself, some of whom want its destruction. In this situation any nation would be likely to become paranoid. The ambitions of the Neocon element of the Neocon – Zionist alliance are much more succinctly stated as world domination, pure and simple – the control and exploitation of all the peoples of the world.

The key question in all this is from what or where does the Neocon – Zionist alliance derive the power to pursue these goals, which they are getting ever closer to achieving? How does a country of just 300 million people (the US) come to control most of the planet with a massive military machine and hundreds of military bases spread across the globe? How can it afford to do this? The answer is simple – it has turned the rest of the world into a sweatshop that produces unlimited goods and services for the Empire in exchange for piles of intrinsically worthless paper. This has been made possible for many decades since the 2nd World War by the ascendance of the dollar to become the global reserve currency. What this means is that dollars can be produced in infinite quantities without risking hyperinflation at home in the US, because the cost of the dilution is borne by the whole world, and just so that the rest of the world knows what to do with its heaps of intrinsically worthless dollars, they have created endless series of Treasury Bills and Notes, which are worthless IOU’s, for them to buy so they think they have gotten themselves an investment. It is the biggest scam in the history of the world and the rest of the world might fairly be pictured as a jackass, with “Jackass” branded on its hind quarters.

Whilst the rest of the world has so far gone along with this Master – Servant relationship, it has had ample opportunity to observe the growing negative consequences of it, as the Empire, unrestrained by the old Soviet Union, has become more bold in pursuit of its objective of total global hegemony, and has already laid waste a large part of the Mid-East and also Libya, driving armies of refugees into Europe where they are ruining the quality of life, and has subjected Russia to economic blockade and military threats, in pursuit of its ultimate goals of overpowering and subsuming Russia, China and Iran, to achieve world domination. The Chinese are not stupid and know what the game is, and they and others such as Russia could not have more motivation to stop the Empire in its tracks. Russia, which has been subjected to an endless barrage of negative propaganda by Western media, has exercised enormous restraint and played a very skillful game so far of avoiding being sucked into a military confrontation, despite extreme provocation.

So, the next question is, how do you stop the Empire? – the answer to that could not be more simple – destroy the dollar’s global reserve currency status. Do that and its value will evaporate almost overnight, because there are trillions and trillions of dollars in the world that suddenly nobody will want. Now do you begin to understand why China (and other Eastern powers) have been buying gold as fast as Western banks can clear out their vaults, and for years now? What they are going to do, and at a time of their choosing, is back the Yuan with gold, and given how the Yuan has been rising in recent weeks, that time could be close at hand.

Timing is key of course. Currently the US allies in the region are Japan and South Korea. Japan has been an obsequious ally of the US ever since the US spent billions rebuilding it after the 2nd World War, and it has been kept in a state of contrition ever since, with the media never letting you forget their dastardly acts in China during the Chinese invasion and the exploitation of the “comfort women”, the aim being to maintain a simmering resentment between China and Japan in order to try to stop them from forging a closer alliance, but the younger generation are fed up with it, and don’t see why they should be held responsible for the sins of their grandparents, and are much more pragmatic about closer cooperation with China, so the result of this is that Japan is moving away from the US and towards the regional center of power, China. Meanwhile, a complex game of brinksmanship is playing out in the Korean peninsula, the underlying goal of which, from the Chinese standpoint, may be to get South Korea to cast off its close relationship with the US, once it fully understands how much trouble it can lead to, and the actions and words of erratic and heavy-handed Trump may assist South Korea in arriving at this understanding. China is now immensely powerful and is the cornerstone of a new economic order in Asia, that does not need the West and certainly does not need the dollar. Alarmed by its growing power and influence the Empire is thought to be trying to instigate a war between China and India in Bhutan – Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India, is an Empire stooge, who has probably in some way been bought off. Late addition, this just in: China – India Conflict Is Far More Dangerous Than US – N Korea One. This being so it looks like the timing for China to drop its bombshell by backing the Yuan with gold is sooner rather than later – why wait for the Empire to instigate a war by getting its stooge India to attack? A valid counter argument is that China would be “be shooting itself in the foot” by pulling the plug on its biggest trading partner the US, by backing the Yuan with gold, but they may yet do it, because in the first place they are not trading goods for goods with the US, they are trading goods for intrinsically worthless paper, the dollar and Treasuries etc, which is basically a foolish thing to do, especially given the increasingly fragile state of the US economy, and secondly why continue to support a country which is intent on overcoming and controlling you? If China does take this monumental step, whilst it will lead to an initial period of chaos and turmoil as the US implodes, this should be followed by China becoming the economic center of the world.

When China backs the Yuan with its big piles of gold, assiduously accumulated over the course of many years from generous Western banks disposing of the “barbarous relic”, the effects will be immediate and dramatic – the dollar will crash and burn, and gold and silver will skyrocket into the stratosphere. In the US hyperinflation will quickly become reality, and the population, made more psychologically unstable by heavy drug consumption and years of eating adulterated foods including dangerous substances like Aspartame and GM foods, will go crazy, and they are heavily armed. We can expect entire districts to go up in flames, food supplies will dry up as supermarkets have their shelves stripped in a matter of hours and truckers refuse to risk making the run to replenish supplies knowing they will be hijacked and their cargoes plundered. The now militarized police force will turn their impressive firepower on the rampaging citizenry, and possibly kill thousands, with thousands more being interred in FEMA camps. Angry mobs will march on Washington. US military bases across the world will be closed and become ghost towns. Starved of generous funding and military support as its host implodes, Israel could suddenly find itself very vulnerable. It’s a very ugly prospect and it could happen very, very fast. The Empire may come to rue the day they crudely insulted and threatened China over their activities in the South China Sea.

At this point many of you will doubtless be tut-tutting – “Maund’s lost his marbles, is a few slates short of a roof, has been reading too much Jim Willie or Rense” etc, “It couldn’t happen here.” you say. Listen, it can happen anywhere if the conditions are right. In the US the conditions are close to right – you have towering astronomic unpayable debts, and a weakening dollar that is acutely vulnerable to attack, and a steep fall in the dollar would lead to a vicious cycle of rising interest rates resulting in an economic implosion.

Where will gold price go when China backs the Yuan with it? It’s impossible to say but $8000 - $10,000 an ounce would probably be easily attainable within a matter of weeks or a month or two, especially given that the dollar would be in freefall. Gold and silver stocks will moonshot rising to possibly hundreds of times their current valuations.

Are you starting to understand now why we are so bullish on gold and silver almost to the exclusion of everything else? – and why we are not concerned by minor day to day wiggles?

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Posted at 8.50 am EDT on 15th August 17.

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