originally published Thursday, July 19, 2018

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I watched Trump’s press conference in full following his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki. To me, Trump sounded positive and perfectly reasonable, and his behavior at this time was actually Statesmanlike. Here is a link to the full press briefing including an English translation of what Mr Putin said. It is worth watching this in full if you haven’t already, as shortened versions are likely to be selectively edited.

Of course it was to be expected that the gangsters who now run the United States but don’t entirely control Trump would react in a hostile manner to Trump’s remarks, but even I was a little taken aback by their rabid apoplexy. The mainstream media, which they totally control, went into full attack mode on Trump.

Whilst the majority of normal and balanced people would doubtless like to see a state of peace and concord between Russia and the United States, that is not what the Military Industrial complex and the Neocons want – they want Russia as an adversary, because they need a bogeyman, an enemy, so that they can continue to drain the blood and treasure of the American people into their coffers. It has been estimated that a Military budget of $200 billion per year would be more than adequate to defend the Homeland of the United States against any and all who might try to threaten or overrun it militarily. However the Military and the Pentagon bleeds the American taxpayer to the tune of $800 billion per year - $600 billion in excess of what is required to get the job done – so it’s no wonder that the American middle class is feeling drained and exhausted, and the infrastructure of the country crumbles as defense contractors live “high on the hog”. Furthermore, much of this budget is wasted on inefficient projects like the vastly expensive F-35 fighter, whose real purpose is to funnel money into the pockets of all involved in it. That’s just the military we are talking about here and doesn’t take account of the other arms of the bloated parasitic government machine.

John Brennan had the effrontery to call Trump’s Helsinki press conference “nothing short of Treasonous”. Stop and think about that for a minute – Trump makes the effort to defuse a dangerous escalation of tensions with Russia, which is in no-one’s interest except the Neocons and the Military, and he gets called treasonous for his pains, which is a gross disrespect to the democratically elected President of the United States and therefore to his supporters – in other words the greatest percentage of voters at the election. In the writer’s view this kind of disrespect to the democratically elected President of the United States by someone holding public office is not only disgraceful but itself treasonous, and if the United States judicial system functioned properly, which it does not as it has been totally corrupted by the gangsters who now control the country, Brennan would be fired and incarcerated. In the old days, when real traitors were recognized as such and given short shrift, he would probably have been put up against a wall and shot – if he was lucky.

As we know, the Deep State exercise total control over the mainstream media, which attacked Trump like a pack of rabid dogs right after the Helsinki conference. They clearly hold the view that the majority of the population are absolute morons who will believe anything, and sadly, they are probably right, which is what makes the outlook so bleak. You may be amused to read some of their attack articles of the past few days, such as You’ll never make America great again by chucking Americans under a Russian bus in such a grotesquely disloyal manner, Mr President and Trump’s darkest day and Putin’s Puppet! Clearly, you have to be retarded to believe this Deep State propaganda, but it seems like a lot of people are. Even Arnie chimed in, saying that Trump had sold out America to Russia. Now, Arnold Schwarzenegger was a great and unique “tough guy” actor, and his loyalty to his adopted country is certainly to be commended, but my pet dog knows more about geopolitics than him, and for that matter a lot of the Left-wing liberal acting class that flocculate around Los Angeles, who are high on ideals and low on acumen and analysis – he is simply clueless about how the country has been taken over by a coterie of gangsters who are bleeding it white. This became obvious when the crooked, shifty semi-articulate George W Bush became President in 2000 and things quickly went downhill thereafter. Bush junior made Al Capone look like a member of the aristocracy. Soon after, the gangsters pulled off their spectacular stunt on September 11th 2001, which enabled them to “stitch up” the American people with their Patriot Acts, and then attack Afghanistan and Iraq. Their total unaccountability and impunity is amply illustrated by the way they have repeatedly plundered the assets of the American people in recent years. They netted hundreds of billions from the sub-prime scam of the 2000’s, and when that came off the rails they simply claimed “too big to fail” status for their big criminal corporations which were bailed out at public expense by such measures as the euphemistically named TARP (Troubled Assets Relief Program), which in reality stands for “We screwed up and you, the people, are going to pick up the tab”. After that they concocted their QE and super low interest rate scam, which enabled them to borrow money at almost no cost to speculate in Real Estate and stocks etc. on a gargantuan scale and drive prices into the stratosphere, while the ordinary Joe who expected to be able to live off interest on his savings going into retirement was left with nothing and no choice but to live off his savings, either that or join in the speculative fray by buying stocks or go back into work, or both. Those who have left it too late to do the former will be ruined as the stockmarket crashes.

As mentioned above these gangsters now control the judiciary and the media and the two political parties of course, are above the law, which is why Hillary escaped a jail term (although an interesting twist here is that it has been learned that the Chinese succeeded in hacking all of the missing 30,000 Clinton Emails – spare a thought for those delegated to read through them), and are so deeply entrenched that there is no hope at all of removing them, short of an all-out revolution, which most American people simply don’t have the stomach for, which is understandable given the militarization of the police force – but they might discover their courage one day if they lose their comfy sofa, giant TV and car, and have to fight for food in the streets. Until that happens though, things only look set to get worse, especially when the dollar loses its Reserve Currency status, which is only a matter of time, and the elites can divert public fury from themselves by carefully orchestrating the polarization of society, pitting the Left against the Right – they couldn’t care less if they cannibalize each other and burn the areas where they live to the ground. You may have noticed that this process has already started – and that’s even before the stockmarket crashes and it really hits the fan – better study up on Venezuela if you want to be truly prepared. In a nutshell the right investment strategies for US citizens who are able to is to buy gold in a safe jurisdiction outside of the country, get some capital out of the country and get a 2nd passport without delay.

Far from being his “darkest day”, I consider that Trump’s press conference in Helsinki was his “brightest day”, which if he stuck to his guns (no pun intended) would save millions of lives in the future and potentially billions or more like trillions of US taxpayer’s money. However, soon after the conference the Deep State and their controlled media unleashed a “blitzkrieg” upon him, and he rapidly backpedalled on some of the things he said. It is not known whether this was due to weakness on his part, or a tactical move to avoid the full wrath of the Deep State. In any event the stance he took in Helsinki was a bold and courageous one for the common good, especially as if he persists in this manner he could end up like John F Kennedy, as he probably knows only too well.

The writer lives “outside the matrix looking in”, and understands only too well that many of you who read this are “inside the matrix looking out” and simply cannot comprehend what is written here, and are programed to reject it, and perhaps become hostile. This is normal, but the longer it takes you to wake up, the worse it will be for you.


Posted at 5.00 pm EDT on 19th July 18.