Welcome to THE GLOBAL GULAG Part 2 - the Fight Back...

originally published Sunday, September 27, 2020

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This article is the sequel to the widely read Welcome to the Global Gulag (Part 1) and aims to address many of the points not covered in Part 1, but whereas Part 1 was written in just one (long) day off the top of my head, Part 2 has been carefully brought together over a period of weeks. It is long, but that is not because I am a rambler – I get to the point. The reason it is long is that there is a lot of ground to cover. So take your time reading it, and you might want to do so in bite sized chunks, and reread parts of it later, and once you have done so, SPREAD IT AROUND, because it may not be possible to get articles like this posted anywhere in the not too distant future.

The Coronavirus / Covid-19 psyop, plandemic, or scamdemic if you prefer, is the greatest con job, hoax and plot in the history of the world.

The year 2020 will surely go down in the annals of history as one of the worst of all time, although the seeding event, the virus, occurred late in 2019. It is hard to comprehend the magnitude of the devastation that has been inflicted this year, all in pursuit of the objective of absolute power by a narrow clique of plutocrats. The global economy, already teetering on the brink due to extremes of debt, has been severely impacted by their gigantic wrecking ball, with countless thousands of businesses destroyed or on the brink of failure, countless millions made unemployed, whole industries leveled, including the airlines, the catering industry, the event and hospitality industry, travel and tourism and restaurants, but even worse has been the damage inflicted on the social fabric. The global population has been duped by the contrived virus hoax into accepting draconian house imprisonment, abandoning normal social interaction and even into accepting wearing masks everywhere they go, whose subliminal message is “Shut up and do as you are told, or else.” This is all part of a comprehensive plan to atomize society so that people are as isolated, vulnerable and afraid as possible, which makes them much more susceptible to being controlled and manipulated into doing things like accepting being vaccinated. Think about the countless millions or rather billions of things that should have happened this year that haven’t, the meetings of friends, meals in cafes and restaurants, visits to art galleries concerts and museums, vacations, the countless billions of photos not taken, children missing school and their school friends, lovers split apart etc. etc. Society has been impoverished on an unprecedented scale and for what? – a massive lie promulgated by a narrow group of evil men who control most of the media and the medical profession.

There is an old but true saying that in order for evil to triumph, all that is necessary is for good men to do nothing (or little) – and good men have done a lot of nothing for years now, decades even. They have been too busy taking their ease and enjoying life. Evil on the other hand is tireless, it never gives up in its search for an opening and once it gains a foothold it grows and spreads like a cancer. Its goals are to dominate and exploit to the maximum extent possible and for recreation it likes to inflict pain and suffering on those over which it exercises dominion. The forces of evil scored a major victory way back in 1913 with the creation of the Federal Reserve which has been working relentlessly ever since, parasitizing and undermining the American people and the American economy, and latterly the entire world, with a major milestone being the elimination of sound money in 1971 when Nixon took the dollar off the gold standard. The result of all this is the mess and mayhem that you see all around you now with the world going into economic freefall due to the extremes of debt created as a result of unrestrained fiat creation and the impact of the Covid-10 hoax.

The data is in – the deaths due to the virus, even taking the grossly exaggerated figures produced at face value, are little more than would result from a typical flu season. This therefore means that the scare tactics employed in an effort to justify cruel and destructive lockdowns, mask wearing, “social distancing” and economic sabotage that were set in train some months back were wholly unjustified. So the logical conclusion is that these measures were imposed by those in power, hereafter referred to as the New World Order, or NWO for short, in pursuit of some agenda or agendas. Now, with the virus story losing credibility, they are working assiduously to ramp up the cases and fiddle the stats in order to try to justify their “Dark Winter” involving more widespread lockdowns and economic devastation, the better to coerce the exhausted and bewildered population into submitted to being vaccinated, which for the NWO is “the promised land” of total control of the slaves. Already, in Britain, we are seeing the same sort of alarming projections that we saw back in the Spring, which are based on rigged data produced by ramping up bogus tests, whose purpose is to justify renewed severe restrictions that are already starting there. We can expect this to happen in many other places.

”I know they’re grossly inflating the stats Joe, but not by that much…”

When George H W Bush gave his New World Order speech many years ago (read the comments below it) the New World Order seemed to many like a distant theoretical concept, but now it’s here, in our faces, as they make their final total power grab using the virus as cover, imposing a global fascist dictatorship that will control every aspects of citizens lives and plans large scale population reduction through a combination of mass starvation as the economy implodes and forced vaccination to cull those who are deemed surplus to requirement.

THEY MEANT WHAT THEY SAID – “When we are successful, and we will be” (in creating a New World Order)…

As stated in Part 1, a big reason that the virus was released when it was is that the massive debt bubble inflated economy had reached its ultimate limits and was on verge of imploding late last year, with evidence of this being the Fed’s emergency intervention in the repo market. If the economy was about to implode then the NWO needed a scapegoat, they didn’t want to take the blame for it – enter the virus.

At the same time the NWO had become alarmed at rapidly growing protest movements around the world last year as disaffected and fed up citizens had become feisty and started to revolt, witness these scenes from around the world in 2019…

If they were like this last year, it doesn’t take much imagination to figure out what they would be like when the economy implodes and many of them are left jobless and destitute, as is happening now, and then their meager State handouts are ravaged by rampant inflation. The NWO needed to do something drastic to head off a global revolt, hence what we have seen unfold since late last year.

NOW UNDERSTAND THIS – the reasons for the lockdowns and the absurd and bizarre “social distancing” measures and mask wearing edicts are very easy to understand. The NWO wanted to stop people communicating with each other and gathering in groups. They didn’t want those who understand what this is really all about communicating with the much greater number who don’t. After all, they might become angry and rebellious when they realize that they “have been led up the garden path” and start gathering together in larger and larger numbers until they form mobs of sufficient magnitude to storm the citadels of power and turf out the despots imposing tyranny on them. Thus the lockdowns and social distancing and mask wearing are all about keeping people isolated, uninformed and weak. Unfortunately most people are so ill informed that they go along with this nonsense and have stopped seeing friends and even close family members, with the highly destructive consequence of a breakdown in normal social cohesion.

It is amazing how many so-called educated and supposedly intelligent people with college diplomas and even Phd’s have fallen for the official lies and propaganda concerning the Scamdemic. The reason for this is that college education does not teach you to think for yourself. The purpose of these lengthy college courses is to crowd out original thinking with a plethora of useless facts that you have to regurgitate at exam time to get your diploma, and also to drain funds from the student and his family so that he or she ends up as a debt slave for most of his or her life, as in this picture…

A crucial point to understand is that the global economy was due to implode anyway as mentioned above, due to debt levels rising to unsustainable extremes, virus or no virus. Egon Von Greyerz has warned of this for years, and of course he was largely ignored. What has happened is that the NWO have taken the initiative and taken firm control of the situation using the virus scam as cover and as a catalyst to speed up the process of collapse, the better to roll out their global neo-marxist totalitarian regime, which will be a kind of high-Tech version of Stalin’s communist Russia, with already established FEMA camps in the US, whose gates will soon swing open in welcome, being a modern version of the Gulag Archipelago. With the debt bubble set to implode, virus or no virus, we were destined to plunge into chaos and anarchy anyway, so what the NWO have decided to do is to take charge of the collapse, using the old adage “Never let a good crisis go to waste” and steer the world in the direction they want it to go, whilst at the same time taking robust measures to prevent revolution by isolating people. This is why the upcoming elites gathering in Davos which has been postponed from January will be called Reset 2021 or something similar.

So what are the goals and agendas of the NWO? Put simply they are to create a two-tier neo-feudal society, which already exists to a large extent, with a fabulously wealthy ruling class who exercise absolute dictatorial powers over everybody else, who exist, if they are permitted to, as an effective slave labor force. They will determine every aspect of your existence – what you can and can’t do, where you can go, and whether you live or die, and using the latest technological developments such as 5G, that will apply inside your own home and vehicle if you have one too, so that privacy will cease to exist. This is what is driving their determination to get everyone vaccinated.

Right now an unrestrained psychological warfare campaign is being waged by the NWO against humanity. All the measures employed to both isolate and weaken people mentally and physically, which include curfews, lockdowns, mask wearing and social distancing are direct violations of the most basic human rights and the only reason that they have gotten away with it so far is that the majority of people have been hoodwinked by the mainstream media who are owned and controlled by the NWO into believing all the hyped up nonsense about the virus and anyway the majority are too weak-willed to resist, whether they know what is going on or not.

To assist the citizenry in adjusting to their new reality, the massive propaganda department of the NWO have come up with the following laughable expressions, that are only accepted because the majority of the population are so ignorant, naïve and stupid…

New World Order Covid-19 era propaganda basic dictionary.

There follows an abridged non-alphabetical list of NWO expressions dreamt up by their psychologists to train the public to adjust to their new reality with our explanation of what they really mean…

  • Covidiot – a term that the sheep have been taught to apply to anyone who doesn’t confirm to government diktat. They may simply be careless, or more positively MIGHT ACTUALLY THINK FOR THEMSELVES.

  • New Normal – classic Orwellian doublespeak applied to the new situation which is in reality highly abnormal, to make the majority accept it as normal.

  • Social distancing – another oxymoron, with the emphasis on moron. What they really mean is antisocial distancing. This is the polite and somewhat sterile expression intended to make people think that behaving like antisocial pathetic nerds is somehow the right thing to do.

  • Shelter in place – do it yourself Martial Law. You voluntarily bang yourself up in your house or apartment, saving government manpower and expense, but if you decide not to, you’ll be served a huge fine and / or we’ll send the troops round to drag you off.

  • Alone together – the best has been saved till last. Did all the people who dreamt up this hoax read Aldous Huxley and George Orwell? – it’s beginning to look like it. You sit at home completely isolated, and because there are millions just like you, this is somehow supposed to make it OK. It is a measure of how imbecilic the architects of this plot think the majority of people are that they could even attempt to bring such a term into the public vernacular. Sadly, they may be right.

This is only a basic list of the numerous new expressions brought into use by the Scamdemic, since most of them are irrelevant to what we are focusing on here.

One of the core reasons for grinding people down through the application of these draconian measures is to make them increasingly isolated, fearful and vulnerable, and more prone to sickness - and thus prepared to yield to having the vaccine, which is being sold as a passport back to a relatively normal life. You won’t be forced to have the vaccine, initially at least, you will be coerced because without proof of vaccination you will be largely excluded from society and unable to do many everyday things. What many of the ignorant masses lining up to receive their shot won’t realize of course is that far from being a “passport to a normal life” vaccination will be a gateway to a dystopian hell. They think that it will protect them from Covid-19 and the flu, but there is far more to it than that. It will be DNA altering and the vaccine will contain subcutaneous elements that can be scanned to instantly reveal your identity, and thus it will mean that those who receive it will in effect be branded or tattooed.

The NWO have storyboarded the whole virus thing, the economic meltdown into chaos and the transition to a global totalitarian society from start to finish like a movie and so far everything is going to plan for them. They mapped all this out years ago and didn’t even bother to make much of a secret of it - they didn’t need to, the masses are so dumb and apathetic and disinterested that it wasn’t necessary. They have teams of psychologists on the payroll who are able to predict in advance the reactions of the masses to different stimuli and how to program them and set them up using the mainstream media. The bought off members of the medical profession give an air of authority and authenticity to their bogus claims, and lastly, hospitals and doctors are given incentives to inflate the virus statistics.

Most people haven’t got a clue how bad this is going to get. To some extent this is understandable because most of us are still surrounded by the familiar stuff we bought and accumulated during the good times, which has a cossetting effect, and still have relatively fresh memories of dining out, foreign vacations and road trips etc., and those who – so far – have been unaffected economically by all this because they still have their well-paying jobs, remain largely complacent and insouciant – I know this from talking to such people. But all this is going to fade fast in the rear view mirror. With the economy in freefall there is only so far that the full impact of this can kept at bay by exploding debt and handouts to furloughed workers etc. Right now we are living in a surreal interlude before the horrific consequences of what has happened make their full impact. It is rather like being in a passenger aircraft whose engines all failed at 36,000 feet and is dropping steadily. Now it is at say 16,000 feet, with passengers in aisle seats saying “Nice smooth ride so far”. I don’t know about you but I’m a lot more concerned about what happens during the last 16,000 feet of the descent than the first 20,000. The thing is that this collapse was baked in anyway by the now impossible debt situation, but what has happened is that the virus scamdemic has been and is being used to rapidly accelerate the process.

Once the NWO have succeeded in establishing their global neo-Marxist totalitarian regime, what are they are going to do with their new found additional powers, beyond the obvious things of throwing their weight about, aggrandizing themselves still further and amassing even greater wealth?

As most of us know, the world is grossly overpopulated, with the human population expanding at the expense of most all other life forms and global ecosystems being wrecked. I have read that the maximum human population that can be sustained without causing irreparable long-term damage to the planet is about 1.5 billion, and clearly at about 8 billion and counting we are way above that. There has been lofty talk of the population expanding to 11 billion or so by 2050 – my answer to that is “Ain’t gonna happen.” – that kind of talk is similar to the predictions of Bitcoin $100,000 late in 2017, and we know what happened after that. Take a look at the chart below showing the exponential rise in the human population during the past 100 years or so. You don’t have to be much of a chartist to know how this will end – it will end the same way as did Tulipomania, the South Sea Bubble, the Florida land boom of the 1920’s and the Roaring 20’s, with a crash. In the absence of a major crisis such as the one now being created by the combination of the debt bubble extreme and the virus scamdemic, the population could indeed continue to climb, but that would result in still more environmental devastation and an even worse population crash than the one now imminent. One of the problematic aspects of this huge population growth that we should not overlook is that the average IQ and “quality” of the human race is steadily declining, the reason being that crude persons of low intelligence tend to have more kids, regardless of their economic and personal circumstances and whereas many years ago a high percentage of these children wouldn’t have made it to adulthood, now, especially in socialist countries, they nearly all do, thanks to modern medicine, so that they are crowding out the intelligent and refined people and effectively dumbing down the human race. You would think that they might have the consideration to reason “I am not going to inflict this filth and squalor on the next generation” and refrain from producing so many offspring, but they breed without any care for the fate of their progeny. It might not be politically correct to point all this out but it’s a fact, and knowing this helps us to understand why the NWO will likely prioritize a sizeable percentage of the poor masses for elimination.

If I can see from this chart that the human population is set to crash, and possibly soon, and you can, then you can bet that the NWO elites can see it too – and remember, they have about as much respect and concern for the ordinary citizen as most of us do for an ant or a termite. This is clearly a serious problem that is not going to be solved by some limp-wristed democratic committee or talking shop – that approach has been tried over the past 20 years or so with lavishly expensive conferences in Rio and Paris and other places and produced little of substance. What this extreme situation calls for is an iron fist that acts with ruthless intent – the sort of iron fist that we are seeing displayed around the world right now, courtesy of the Plannedemic.

There has never been a better opportunity to crash the world’s population than is being presented right now, and here we should keep in mind that in doing so, the NWO elites might actually be acting to some extent with altruistic motives, for the greater long-term good of those who survive and certainly for the beleaguered plants and animals of the planet, what’s left of them that is. The end will justify the means will be their view, kind of like Madeline Albright when she claimed that the sacrifice of 500,000 Iraqi children’s lives was “worth it”. From a purely logical objective standpoint I cannot but agree with them. If the long-term goal is to get the population down to a sustainable 1.5 billion, you would want to take it down 3 billion to 5 billion just for starters, and as soon as possible. There are now, thanks to the Plannedemic, a range of options available to achieve this.

The are two main ways to achieve drastic population reduction quickly. One is to create sudden severe reductions in the food supply and the other is to kill off large numbers of people through forced vaccinations, and a combination of the two may of course be employed. With respect to the first method it is now the case that more than half of the world’s populations live in cities, many in vast sprawling conurbations. Most of these people have zero survival skills and are completely incapable of looking after themselves and are entirely dependent on the food supply chain, so if this is badly disrupted and there is no food in the supermarkets, they starve to death within the space of a few weeks or a month or two at most. Now, as we know, the virus Scamdemic is already leading to serious supply chain problems, and one method of reducing the output of food producers at source is to conduct extensive virus testing of workers with the aim of producing a lot of false positives as a justification for shutting down or greatly reducing production. This is apparently already going on. Potentially much more serious will be if the growing state of anarchy in the US (and other places) leads to truckers being frightened to take to the roads for fear of being stopped and having their cargoes stolen, and they have already said that they won’t deliver to areas where the police are being defunded in the US. This is an appropriate juncture to point out that Antifa and BLM (Black Lives Matter) are being heavily funded by the NWO via donations from their Big Tech and other corporations, with the Marxist agenda being to destroy the US as a nation state with a distinct identity so that it can be seamlessly subsumed into the New World Order, and their ultimate prize will be to overpower and neuter the traditionalist heartland gun owners in States like Montana, Wyoming and Texas, and to achieve this they will probably require the backing of the corrupt government itself.

Using food as a weapon to greatly reduce the world’s population is a “Darwinian” approach which will lead to the survival of the fittest – those who have the common sense to realize what is going on and who have thought ahead and laid in supplies and are also equipped with arms and enough ammo to mow down the hordes of starvation-crazed zombies who will be on the march hunting for sustenance, who would otherwise overrun them. Survivalists have been dismissed as cranks and nut jobs by the majority up to now, but they could well end up having the last laugh. By the way, if you haven’t yet made any preparations, if might not be a bad idea to do so before it’s too late, which it soon could be.

The other method for achieving dramatic population reduction is through the upcoming forced vaccination program, and here we should note that a combination of the 2 methods, mass starvation and forced vaccination, may be used to this end. The forced vaccination program will be the crowning glory of the NWOs long campaign to gain absolute power over the entire human race, as individual liberty and self-determination are finally snuffed out completely. This is part of the reason for the prolonged lockdowns and forced mask wearing – which are obedience and submission training, with the latter having the important psychological effect of erasing individuality. To get healthy people to wear masks they pushed the narrative that loads of people were going around as asymptomatic carriers of the virus. The idea is to have people isolated and cowering at home alone in fear, in a psychological state where they will accept anything that the Master decrees. Once forced vaccination of the majority of the population is achieved their status will be reduced to little more than that of tagged farm animals.

New Yorker Gerald Celente doesn’t mince his words when he talks about the New World Order and their nefarious plans. Here is the latest cover from his Trends Journal

Many of the ignorant fools who will line up like sheep to receive their initial shot will have no idea what they are letting themselves in for. They will be thinking that they are getting protection from the dreaded Covid-19 and the flu, and that as a result they will be part of the “in crowd” who, armed with their vaccination certificate, which will actually be inside their bodies in a readable form, will be able to return to a relatively normal life. Nothing could be further from the truth. As set out by Dr Carrie in her startling video “Human 2.0”? – A Wake-Up Call To The World”, the vaccine will be DNA altering, and in addition, once you have had it you will be “machine readable” as the vaccine will contain subcutaneous elements that will be reveal whether you have been vaccinated or not and your identity, so it will be like a digital stamp or tattoo, and it will have other characteristics and capabilities that seem to be in the realms of science fiction but are actually real. However, even more sinister will be that the vaccine, or later “boosters” that will become compulsory too, can be used to selectively cull elements of the population, for example, what the NWO deem to be “useless eaters” like the elderly (who they have already had a crack at wiping out by seeding nursing homes with the virus), the chronically sick and infirm, people with mental problems and the prison population – eliminating these elements of society would of course result in huge economic savings that can be funneled straight into the already bulging pockets of the NWO. If this sounds eerily familiar, it’s because that’s what the NAZIs did. They can also address massive overpopulation in places like India, where they could “trim” the current enormous population of about 1300 million to, say, a more manageable 600 million. The ecosystems in India are already buckling under the strain of the immense population with parts of the north of the country starting to become deserts. India is a catastrophe waiting to happen with or without an NWO instigated cull. The way this works will be simple – the vaccine or its later booster shots could contain elements that will produce death or fatal illness within a certain timeframe, say 3 years. Any doctors reporting on this will be silenced by being struck off or otherwise eliminated. As Mr Bob Moriarty of 321gold.com says “Should you fear the vaccine? – only if you want to live.”

A very important point that few are aware of is that, as this Scamdemic has been meticulously planned and storyboarded out years ago, the vaccine is already prepared and waiting to go. The current “race for a vaccine” is all theater to fool the masses into thinking that it is a response to a spontaneous and unanticipated viral outbreak. They are simply waiting for the right moment of maximum fear and paranoia to roll it out, which will probably be during the coming pre-planned “Dark Winter” involving a fabricated 2nd wave of the virus promoted by ramped up testing leading to renewed lockdowns and other severe restrictions. When the vaccine is rolled out its “success” in treating the virus will be guaranteed by clever statistical manipulation and trickery as set in Jon Rappoport’s timely and most important article How CDC / WHO Will Fake The Effects of The Covid Vaccine To Make It Look Like A Success which you should redistribute as widely as you can and also print out and leave on your coffee table as a handy reference guide for when the torrent of lies and propaganda is unleashed in the media about the success of the vaccine – whose purpose is to get those who haven’t already been stupid enough to submit to it to do so.

I do not know how China and Russia fit into the big picture, and maybe some readers can help me with this – New World Order or not New World Order? If they are not NWO it certainly explains a lot – why they are the subject of relentless hostility and negative propaganda from the West, and why the virus, after having probably been created in a germ warfare lab in the US, was transferred to Wuhan to pin the blame for it on China, and as John Pilger makes plain in his long and rambling documentary The Coming War on China it is targeted for eventual overt aggression with the aim of taking it down, and we can see plenty of signs of this already with flashpoints being the South China Sea and Taiwan. If they ARE already part of the NWO then all the hostility is theater, probably designed to give the Western masses (and equally those in China) an external focus for their anger and hatred, rather than the cause of their problems which is their own leaders. It is probably safe to assume that Iran is not part of the NWO.

Lest any of you are concerned about the welfare and wellbeing of the NWO elites during this time of crisis, I want to take this opportunity to assure you that they are going to come out of it unscathed, unlike say those who own or work in restaurants. They are passing the time agreeably enough on their well-stocked US$500 million yachts, private islands and estates in New Zealand, where they are assisted by an army of servants and private security. Interestingly, New Zealand has been almost free of the virus from the start and draconian measures are imposed on anyone who is suspected of having the virus and their families. This is because the NWO elites do not of course want the virus in their backyard, where they are holed up waiting out the crisis in sumptuous luxury, but if they want to travel they can of course do so using their private aircraft using expedited channels so that they are not inconvenienced in any way. Australia is an interesting case too, as it seems to be being used as a “trial balloon” to see just how far they can oppress people before they start to get pushback. The State of Victoria demonstrates that there is apparently no limit, as the cowed and timid population who long ago foolishly gave up their guns, have meekly accepted the most severe measures curtailing their basic freedoms and rights. What the Australians should do is take their Prime Minister, NWO stooge Scott Morrison, who recently stated that he wanted to make the vaunted vaccine compulsory, and put him on a raft about halfway between Tasmania and Antarctica, preferably before a storm, and wish him luck.

For decades there has been a cozy symbiotic relationship between Hollywood and the Military / Industrial complex. The deal was that the military would supply hardware and help with scenes in exchange for positive propaganda which portrays it in a favorable light, a good example of this being the film Independence Day, in which the world is saved from alien invaders by the US military, headed by a gruff but affable and lovable cigar chomping General. I mention this because many of you may have noticed that there has been a spate of pandemic and zombie films and television series recently that appear to have the subliminal objective of preparing the public mind and consciousness for what is going on now and coming up, films such as Pandemic, and the series Z Nation, which portrays a post-apocalyptic dystopia where people struggle to survive in a world overrun with endless thousands of zombies which they mow down and cudgel at intervals as they lurch relentlessly towards them. This presumably is good preparation as we are now entering our own dystopian nightmare, only it won’t be zombies we have to worry about but millions of starving people and they tend to be more mentally and physically agile than zombies.

The NWO elites are heavily into the occult, probably due to their inbuilt feelings of superiority and titanic egos. This was brought to light in a dramatic manner when Alex Jones of Infowars infiltrated the annual elite gathering at Bohemian Grove in the northern Californian redwood forests in the year 2000 and filmed their bizarre rituals with a hidden camera. When this got out the NWO hastily engaged in a damage limitation exercise by running stories in the mainstream press making out that their rituals were just a bunch of harmless frat boys larking about in the woods. Well, what they are doing now is anything but harmless. A number of you may have noticed the ritual quality of the ubiquitous mask wearing and endless hand washing imposed on the population, as you should because it is a ritual. As set out in Exposing the Occult Corona-Initiation Ritual these rituals, which include as an important element the lockdowns, are part of a broad-based and carefully crafted global campaign that is designed to transform people from independent beings with a free will into submissive robotic slaves that are tracked, traced and tagged, who will do anything that their Masters dictate, with 5G and the “internet of things” watching their every move, even at home, and even controlling their bodies and moods via the vaccination implants, which may seem like science fiction but is apparently becoming possible. The NWO, imbued and intoxicated by their immense power, feel godlike and are right now imposing their will upon the world at large in an unrestrained manner that if not robustly resisted is set to get much worse over time. As it says in the important article just linked above - “In the case of COVID, the end goal is the new normal where everyone is permanently separated and disconnected (as well as tested, tracked, contact traced, monitored, surveilled, medicated and vaccinated).” Since this end goal is clearly evil, we cannot but conclude other than that the NWO represents the forces of darkness and evil and should be approached and dealt with accordingly.

What we are therefore looking at here with this rapidly ballooning crisis is another replay of the age-old battle between good and evil, this time on a monumental global scale, and right now good doesn’t stand a chance, because it doesn’t even recognize the evil not just in its midst but that is already seizing control of everything. When it does, unless the forces of good and of the light are content to submit to living under the jackboot of the NWO which is of course not possible, the struggle will start in earnest, a struggle that will result in massive death and destruction of epochal proportions, for right now the forces of evil “hold all the aces” since they control governments, all major corporations, the media, the military, the police, and all major global organizations like the United Nations and the World Health Organization etc. The only way to overcome the formidable array of firepower directed against them is for the people to rise up “en masse” and overthrow all of these forces and this cannot and will not happen until a sufficiently large number of people are prepared to put their personal safety and welfare second – and they are certainly not prepared to do so at present, but perhaps, after they have been sufficiently ground down by poverty and privations, they will discover some more courage and resolve. The NWO have thought of everything and understand very clearly this threat to their grip on power, which is a big reason for the lockdowns that are Martial Law in all but name and probably destined to become permanent.

It is tempting and easy to lay all of the blame for what is happening at the feet of the NWO, but this is what psychologists call “projection”, for a goodly part of the blame actually lays with the people themselves. Many years of the good life led them to become apathetic, careless, complacent, and insouciant. For decades now they have failed to hold leaders to account. “Let them take care of it” was their attitude towards politicians, “I’m too busy enjoying my life to take an interest.” Well, they have taken care of it all right. For years they chipped away steadily at the rights of the ordinary citizen, eventually becoming sufficiently emboldened by their success to pull off their grandiose 9/11 stunt 19 years ago where they got maximum “bang for their buck”, which gave them the perfect opportunity to eviscerate the Constitution of the US – the comprehensive and ironically named Patriot Acts were clearly written well in advance of this episode – and in so doing make huge strides rolling back the rights of citizens. Again, the remarkable success of this operation emboldened them to push ahead still further and culminated in what is happening now. They have engineered an economic system over the years which enables them to “walk off with most of the pie” by doing such things as clamping interest rates at 0 and printing trillions of dollars out of thin air as a gigantic wealth transfer engine, but now their greed and lust for power knows no bounds – they are not content with walking off with most of the pie – they want all of it. The virus scam is giving them the cover to create a global dictatorship in which ordinary citizens will be relegated to the status of isolated tightly controlled slaves, or disposed of if deemed surplus to requirement, while they live in another world of opulence, freedom and luxury very like in the film Elysium except that the masses won’t even be free to stumble around a wasted world like dust covered fly blown zombies – they will be “confined to barracks” in a state of perpetual Martial Law.

Amongst the many things that the masses haven’t concerned themselves much about is where their meat comes from. They want a cheap abundant supply of meat and for the most part don’t care if animals are raised in conditions of filth, squalor and overcrowding, unable to fulfill their most basic instincts. Now they are about to start finding out what this is like first hand, as they are confined, tagged, vaccinated and eventually culled.

One of the obsessions of the NWO in recent years has been climate change, with numerous conferences on the subject. Climate change is denied by “flat-Earthers” mainly because they see it as an excuse to introduce what they see as new exploitative taxes and levies, like the proposed carbon taxes. The people who you won’t find denying it include those who have just had their houses burnt to the ground in the western States of the US following years of drought, or the farmers in the central part of Chile whose agriculture is being destroyed by annual rains failing, those who depend on the Amazon rainforest which is going up in smoke, or even polar bears in the Arctic who are running out of ice to climb up onto. Climate change is of course being caused by the depredations of the excess population of human beings who are destroying the planet. What is happening now is that the NWO have decided that they are not going fool around on the margins any more with carbon taxes, they are going to strike at the heart of the problem by slashing the world population in half or more, which they will achieve with their Great Reset involving mass starvation and the dispatching of large numbers of people with their vaccinations. Just this year they have already made huge strides towards their objectives, with the elimination of excess travel by destroying the tourist industry and putting a stop to much of the pointless commuting by office workers, many of whom can work as well or better from home, although obviously there is no longer the opportunity to flirt by the coffee machine. Many US office workers in the Los Angeles area for example would spend 2 to 3 hours a day commuting from their McMansions in places like Orange County to sometimes lousy office jobs which were worth less to the world than the petrol they were using getting to them. Thankfully, this has been greatly curtailed, resulting in much less traffic in the LA area and much cleaner air, and not just in the LA area but all over the world. The NWO are certainly able to chalk up an immediate success with this.

Although not directly relevant to the arguments presented here it is worth mentioning the fate of the Amazon rainforest as a testament to the suicidal nature of human greed and stupidity. A German forester once explained to me why the Amazon rainforest is doomed to be completely obliterated and the Amazon basin turn into a gigantic desert dustbowl. This giant ecosystem, which contains a lot of the world’s biodiversity, depends on a “daisy chain” of tree cover extending from the Atlantic coast to the east right across the continent to the Andes in the west. The trees transpire the moisture they receive from the ocean which is transported west on the prevailing wind to generate clouds and rain further west in an unbroken cycle. Now this cycle has been broken, which started with the felling of the forest along the coastal strip, but then extended west, with forest cover being cleared for agriculture, big ranches and mining etc. The result is that the rains are failing across the Amazon basin, which is now drying out to the point that fires are becoming a big problem that only make matters worse. Right now the Pantanal is drying up and on fire and is soon destined to no longer exist. Designating National Parks, even if they are enforced, is too little, too late. The Amazon basin is doomed to become a worthless barren dustdowl, a desert like the Sahara, which in addition to wiping out the indigenous population and destroying the livelihoods of the people who live there will have untold consequences for the global climate and weather patterns.

Returning to our central theme, the title of Leo Tolstoy’s epic tome “War and Peace” implies that the states of wartime and peacetime alternate. This we know from history is true, and we likewise know that true democracy is a temporary state of affairs that cycles through to tyranny, presumably because of the carelessness and degeneracy that it leads to. Up until this year we had arrived at the doorstep of tyranny, now, with the NWO making their big power play this year using the virus as cover, we are here – tyranny has arrived and it’s “in your face”, with lockdowns, forcible wearing of masks and various other draconian restrictions, and if no resistance to this monumental global power grab is forthcoming – and so far there has been virtually none – then things are set to get much worse.

The NWO have thought of every contingency, unlike the general public who have thought of nothing and are clueless. They have storyboarded the virus Scamdemic and so far everything is going just as they had planned. They started with a tsunami of fear inducing dire predictions that terrorized the population into accepting lockdowns and mask wearing etc. Then, knowing that the public will take time to adjust to their new restricted way of life, they relaxed the restrictions over the Summer to keep hope alive, in part to avoid serious pushback. This is now leading to the pre-planned 2nd wave which is largely fiction resulting from manipulated data including from ramped up testing, and which they are claiming is the result of them being “too lenient” over the Summer months. This will usher in a new wave of lockdowns designed to destroy what is left of many small businesses, especially places where people meet, and to cow the population further, making them more amenable to being vaccinated as a route back to normality. A most important point that should be kept in mind is that if the current weak media-hyped virus does not produce the desired results in terms of its conditioning of the population, then they have a “toolkit” containing a wide spectrum of germ warfare lab created viruses, and they can select a more severe strain that will “get the job done” by having a kill rate sufficient to scare the populace into submission, which might be say 5 or 10%, and they can always introduce it and claim it is the present one that has mutated and got worse.

Now we come to the practical part of this article, the fight back. If I was a gambling man, which actually I am in other areas, I would at this point definitely be putting my money on the NWO achieving their goals rather than on the masses staging a successful fight back. The NWO hold all the positions of power since, as stated above, they control governments, all major corporations, the media, the military, the police, and all major global organizations like the United Nations and the World Health Organization etc. Yet ultimately they still depend on the consent or at least the acquiescence of the population at large because without it, all the above institutions will collapse as they exist on the backs of the masses. The reason that the NWO is able to oppress people now with unjustified lockdowns, forced wearing of masks and endless hand washing etc. is that after years of comfortable and easy living, the global population have largely degenerated into wimps and wusses, whose prime concern is their own personal comfort and safety. The problem is essentially a moral one. Most people no longer believe in a higher power, in anything greater than themselves, and are not prepared to put themselves at risk for the collective good. The few that do are regarded as “mugs”. Just as the hapless people waiting on the railway stations to be transported to the camps at Auschwitz and Dachau etc. during the 2nd World War could have easily overcome the guards who, although armed were few in number, no-one was prepared to take the risk, so most of them ended up dying anyway. Likewise, the masses allow themselves to be shut in their houses and submit to wearing face masks like dumb animals, because they lack the courage to resist. When will this change? – probably when people are so ground down by the poverty and privations resulting from both the economic collapse and State oppression that they feel that they no longer have anything to lose, and we are still quite a long way from that happening. However, it would be very foolish for the population to leave it that long before fighting back, as the price to be paid in blood will be much higher than that to be paid by taking action now, before the NWO have solidified their hold on power.

Where and how should people start to fight back? In every area where this oppression is taking hold, but the most important of these is the forced wearing of face masks because of their immense symbolic significance. As set out in the article linked above: “However, there are many layers deeper when it comes to the ritualistic aspects of masks. Firstly, masks connote censorship, the covering of one’s mouth, gagging and the suppression of a free voice. Think how many images depicting censorship show a person with tape over their mouth. Censorship has been a massive part of this agenda, even before it officially happened, with all the Event 201 aficionados practicing their simulation for hours about how they would control the official narrative and censor alternative viewpoints. Secondly, masks symbolize submission, the giving up of unrestricted access to oxygen. This entire agenda is not about the virus; it’s about control. It’s about forcing people to submit to the will of the NWO manipulators, even when it is legally and medically unwarranted. Thirdly, masks are reminiscent of robots. They are dehumanizing. They remove one’s ability to see fully into another person’s face. They create distance and separation in people, make it harder for us to communicate via body language and make it harder for us to have empathy for others, since that empathy is often based on truly seeing another person.”

Forcing the population to wear masks is actually a stroke of genius on the part of the NWO, and they have even extended it to cruelly force children who go to school into wearing them all day, as in addition to impacting their health they obviously cause them psychological damage – parents who permit this to be done to their children should be ashamed of themselves. Because mask wearing is part of an occult ritual being inflicted on the population by the NWO, any fight back will be given added power by having a ritualistic aspect. Therefore, if you want to challenge the forced wearing of masks, it is not enough to simply not wear it yourself – if you do this in a area where it is mandated, and these mandates are spreading fast, all you will achieve is to get yourself slapped with a heavy fine. What you should seek to do is leverage your impact. A great way to protest mask wearing is therefore to BURN THEM, and do it in a ritualistic manner, and get others around you to do the same. Make a simple sign, big enough to attract the attention of the passing public, but not big enough to get you noticed by the “authorities” on the way to where you are going to stage the protest, which says simply BURN YOUR MASK HERE! and you get the ball rolling by burning a heap of them, and so that you have more time before you get jumped by the police, you pre-soak them in a flammable liquid. Then encourage others around you to do the same. While it’s true that most people these days are limp-wristed cowards, there are enough people around who are fed up with this nonsense that in some places you might be able to get a chain reaction going. Ideally you should try to get these mask burning protests going in at least 3 places around town at the same time, to reduce the chances of the police stopping it being successful. Any successful protests should be filmed and immediately posted to social media. You can expect such videos to be taken down but probably not before they have spread. While doing this is obviously not without downside as you would run the risk of being arrested on social order offenses, and in some jurisdictions beaten by the police, the ultimate price of not doing anything as this tyranny spreads will be far higher. If the protests are successful the next step is buy up or otherwise procure all the masks in the shops and outlets in your area and publicly burn them so they end up being in short supply. If that happened repeatedly across the country, there would be no way that production of these things could keep up and the mask tyranny would be ended, which would be milestone number 1 on the road to liberation. Note that this idea is not an incitement to violence – it is not violent to burn your own property (of very limited value), it is a statement. Violence would play into the hands of the State, which is armed to the teeth and in this respect much more organized and efficient than protesters. Ordinary people only have power through force of numbers, and thus if the number of people burning masks is high enough and sufficient of them are destroyed, the State would have no choice but to back off.

In less than a year our world has been ruined by a narrow clique of power-crazed gangsters and things are set to get a lot worse if they aren’t stopped. The only reason that they could get away with their carefully crafted and meticulously planned plot is that the majority of the human race are gullible, ignorant and stupid. The first two you can do something about, but you can’t fix stupid, which you see all around every day by the number of people wearing masks. To a certain extent these fools deserve what’s being done to them, but the trouble is that the relatively few people that know what is going on are going to be dragged down with them.

It is to be hoped that one day the gangsters responsible for all this will be brought to justice in some kind of mass trial similar to the Nuremburg trials after the 2nd World War, and given that they will probably be responsible for the deaths of hundreds of millions or even billions by then, they can expect harsh justice. However, this is a dim and distant prospect at this point as the fight back hasn’t even started yet and can’t until a sufficient number of people wake up to what is being done to them, by whom and why.

Conclusion: we have now entered an extremely dangerous and destructive timeline planned years in advance by the NWO which is gathering momentum by the day. If this timeline is not derailed and soon, it will lead to the brutal enslavement and exploitation of the vast majority of people on the planet whose lives will be tightly monitored, controlled and restricted, very like farm animals, and who, being too many in number, will be culled as seen fit. IF PEOPLE DO NOT WAKE UP VERY SOON AND SAY “NO!!” TO ALL OF IT, THE LOCKDOWNS, THE MASKS, THE FORCED HAND WASHING etc. this will be the fate that awaits them and their descendants and once established this tyranny could go on for a very long time, as it is global in scale.

If you do not like the prospect of the grim and nightmarish life that the NWO elites have planned for you and your family and descendants as set out in this article, then you had better haul yourself out of your comfy armchair and start doing something about it before it’s too late and you can make a start by distributing this article to everyone you can think of.

Most of what is set out here is really grim, but it’s not all bad news. There have been big protests in Berlin in recent weeks by people who understand what this is all about, which were of course downplayed in the media and riots in Spain in recent days against attempts to impose a 2nd lockdown. Due no doubt to years of easy living and female hormones in food (intentional) and the relentless onslaught of rabid feminists there is now a chronic shortage of “real men” in the world prepared to stand up and fight for their futures and that of their womenfolk and children, so that everywhere you see wimps and wusses going around in masks. You might think that there would be more resistance in a place like Australia, given their history, but having made the mistake of giving up their arms, most Australian men have now been emasculated and do exactly what they are told. Not so the noble real men of the tri-State area of the North Western part of the US, who proudly maintain their traditions and fiercely resist the predations of the Feds and the NWO and in so doing provide a beacon of hope to the rest of the world at this time. This fresh in from the State of Montana – “About 50% of the folks (in the US generally) won’t take the vaccine and nobody up here will. We are working on a succession document that states that if any of 3 things happens, the states of Montana, Wyoming and Idaho automatically secede. Those are 1) mandatory vaccines 2) gold confiscation 3) gun confiscation on any or all of these events, the 3 States automatically turn into a Federation independent of the US and would declare themselves a new republic. As for the rest of the US, they are screwed, ex maybe some pockets in the deep south. They can promote their poison vaccine all they want, it ain’t gonna work up here.” Whilst this is encouraging, it sounds rather optimistic to me, since I cannot see the NWO permitting an “island of freedom” to exist outside of their control.

Although not a Christian myself, I believe that the last word should go to Father Altier of Minnesota, who makes a calm and reasoned and damning assessment of the web of deceit and lies associated with this monumental hoax in his 20 minute video Coronavirus – The Truth Revealed. This is something else that you should pass along to as many people as you can.

Posted at 12 noon EDT on 27th September 20.

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