originally published Sunday, May 23, 2021

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During these extraordinary times it makes sense to find out as much as you can about what is really going on – your life may depend on it - and to do so as soon as possible, because there are already warning signs that they are going to take down the internet at some point. The taking down of the internet will be to prevent those who have figured out the plot from communicating and also to hasten economic collapse and may precede the launching of the “digital dollar”. Of course, you cannot reasonably expect to learn the truth via the mainstream media which is the mouthpiece of powerful vested interests – you must look elsewhere and dig around, and sites where you can learn the truth are expected to be outlawed and eliminated by any means possible in due course. I therefore think it is appropriate to share with you a range of worthwhile videos that I have watched in recent weeks, one reason being that they quickly get buried by new ones, and a characteristic of many of the videos linked below is that they have “shelf life”, that is to say, lasting value.

It is understood that many of you will simply not have time to watch all these, and for reasons of limited time I myself have tended to focus on shorter “to the point” videos. Must watch videos amongst these include the stunning one put out by Mike Adams in July 2019 in which he described exactly the scenario that is playing out now, which is the 1st one on this list. Another worrying video for anyone living in the US is the short video describing how farmers are being paid to destroy their crops to create a massive food shortage. While this could be a hoax it looks genuine to me, and it is considered better to be safe than sorry and lay in a stash of food. The video describing how the PCR Test Attacks the Pineal Gland is a fascinating one to watch – this procedure always looked highly suspect to me from the start. Another great succinct video is They’re taking out everybody – Roy Potter Nails It. All of the videos set out below are well worth watching, I wouldn’t have included them if they weren’t. I know that this is “off topic” but I am sure that many of you will benefit from watching these videos, and I am aware that some of you may have already watched some of them on your own initiative. If you have been vaccinated you obviously may prefer not to watch some of these videos, and if you are a “snowflake” who can’t handle reality you may be upset by some of them – but remember, nobody is forcing you to watch them.

In this astonishing and chilling video made by Mike Adams of Natural news in July 2019 he describes exactly what is playing out now. This clip should have at least a billion views, but because the majority of the population are clueless insouciant fools, it has only 4,600. So it's easy to see how people are rapidly bringing on their own destruction.

Cutting off the food supply in the US by incentivizing farmers to destroy food. This seems credible and if true is alarming. Certainly it would be wise to stock up on food while the opportunity still exists. Even if this turns out not to be true, you can still use your purchases.

PCR Test Attacks Pineal Gland - don't be put off watching this by the rather hippyish start to it - the fascinating revelations about the PCR test start at about 4.00…

1st shot might been a placebo, the next one could kill

War on the Awake by David icke

Vaccine a Spike protein Bioweapon by Mike Adams

No one can claim that the New World Order haven't made their intentions known and for decades, as this Jacques Attali prediction in 1981 makes perfectly clear. They don't need to worry about the public figuring out their plot - first of all they control the mainstream media, so these kinds of predictions tend to remain obscure, secondly many people are too careless and disinterested to do anything about it even if they do know.

Vernon Coleman: Slaughter of the Gullible

3 Medical Professionals incapacitated by Covid Injections with convulsions after shots

Theyr'e Taking Out Everybody - Roy Potter Nails It

Why they skipped animal trials. They didn't need to do them again, because they knew it killed them.

Directed Energy Weapons can be used against patriots and the Right etc, no matter how heavily armed they are, to incapacitate them without them even knowing it...

Just some of the thousands of people already killed by the shots - and they’re only getting started.

An interesting video about the real power centers of the world - The Empire of the City – City of London, Vatican and Washington DC...

Stew Peters tells it like it is... Mask or Death

In this video Mike Adams on Infowars describes how the weak and the stupid are being targeted first by the vaccines and shows some laughable pro-vaccine nazi style propaganda etc.

We're here to kill your kids there is a somber warning at about 5.53.

Late additions…

Mass extermination event this Fall.

Jonestown and the Covid Suicide Cult.

If you have time this is an interesting video by Professor Dolores Cahill. While she makes many worthwhile points, she may be underestimating the power and control of the New World Order, who have bought off and corrupted the legal systems around the world, and for this reason it doesn’t matter how much evidence you present, they will simply ignore it. This is what happened in the US following the rigged election.

In Humans Are Quietly Going Extinct we learn who are the “chosen ones” that will survive the genocide.

Discoverer of HIV Warns Covid Vaccine Could Kill You we see how Alex Jones predicted everything that is happening now 11 years ago.

The Great Culling predicted 12 years ago... A Doctor sets out the vaccine depopulation plan way back in 2009.

Bitchute... A woman describes how a Father and Son were hospitalized after shots.

In this video Mark Sexton sets out how the PCR Tests are poison. However, although certainly well-intentioned, he seems somewhat naïve in encouraging people to take “the evidence” to the police. If you take evidence to either the police or the courts they will likely destroy it, as they are all centrally controlled and in on the scam – you can only do so if you have copies and also evidence of submission.

Here is an “illuminating” Video on Freemasonry by Greg Reece.

And on a somewhat lighter note…

CDC vaccine enforcement robots right out of Elysium - thank you for your cooperation “citizen”.

12-year old gets it This kid knows more about this than most people 3 times his age.

When you can see through their lies.

Nuremburg - what's that?? I’d go “though the roof” if they did this to me.

This is a good one... No escaping the mark of the beast

If you are undecided about whether to get vaccinated, the irresistible offer of a free side of fries should help make up your mind...Vaxx and a side of fries

And lastly This woman spells it out

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