originally published Thursday, November 25, 2021

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This is not just another article. I have spent a long time pulling together the videos featured in it, which comprise the majority of the most important and informative that I have come across in recent weeks, so you should spend a long time on it, especially if it really want to take it in. This is obviously a serious and potentially depressing subject so I have included some “gallows humor” in an effort to brighten it up a little, especially as this is being posted at Thanksgiving, but at least, given that it is Thanksgiving, you will have more time to read it and watch the videos, especially if you have some relatives that you are keen to get away from.

When I left school many years ago, human population growth was already becoming an issue. Back then it had reached about 3.7 billion, but now it has arrived at 7.9 billion, in other words it has more than doubled during my adult life. In 1800 it was 1 billion and even by 1900 it was still well under 2 billion. So just in the past 120 years it has exploded 5-fold. What made this possible was mechanization in the factory and on the farm that boosted output, and improved medicine and living conditions that reduced infant mortality and lengthened lifespans.

Chart courtesy of where many other such graphs and information can be found.

The massive explosion in the human population over the past two hundred years or so and especially since the end of the 2nd World War has of course been at the expense of other life forms, on which human beings depend, and at the expense of the environment generally. World ecosystems have been ravaged by predatory and voracious humans with widespread environment destruction and the extinction of hundreds or even thousands of species. Examples of this are the destruction of the Amazonian rainforests and the pumping of millions of tons of plastic waste into the oceans. The situation has gotten to the point that climate and weather are changing resulting in either severe drought in some places or unprecedented floods. In other words human beings are destroying the underpinnings of their own existence and can be considered to be a plague upon the face of the Earth.

Until recently it looked like things were only set to get worse with numerous predictions that the world population was set to grow still further to about 11 billion by the year 2050, which if it happened would turn the planet into a wasteland. The population in places like India is already horrifying and its ecosystems are already buckling and collapsing under the strain with, for example, with the deserts of Rajasthan in the north spreading. It didn’t look like anything serious would be done about it. Enter the New World Order.

The developments of the past couple of years are the best news that the plant and animal worlds have had not just for decades but for centuries. For policies are now being rapidly implemented that will not just curtail population growth, but drastically reverse it into a complete collapse to a relatively low level, just look at this Deagel prediction for the US population in 2025, kinda drastic I’m sure you’ll agree…

One important way of tackling human population growth is to reduce fertility and this has already been achieved to a considerable extent with the encouragement of the single lifestyle and sperm counts in men being slashed by 50% already by means of the addition of female hormones and other contaminants to food etc. However, while this is certainly a big step in the right direction, it is not fast enough. Given how quickly world ecosystems are collapsing under the strain, the population needs to be reduced much more rapidly than can be achieved by reducing fertility, whose beneficial effect in terms of population reduction will not be felt for 2 or 3 generations. That’s too long. To put it bluntly, a large number of people require to be eliminated. Enter the “vaccines” which are a bioweapon program designed to achieve just that, with the fraudulent coronavirus pandemic being used as the bait to con the masses into getting vaccinated.

Alas poor Yorick 1, Yorick 2, Yorick 3, Yorick 4, Yorick 5…..

Whilst a drastic reduction in the human population would certainly be good news for the natural world and plants and animals, it would be a mistake to assume that I am condoning what the NWO are doing to bring this about. They are not philanthropic at all – they don’t just want to reduce the number of people on the planet, they want to exterminate humanity in its present form. Why? – because THEY WANT IT ALL. The NWO are a satanic death cult comprised of an unseemly mix of Freemasons and Zionist Jews, with the Freemasons apparently being Zionist spawn. They enjoy killing billions of people and right now are having the time of their lives. If they have their way the only people left on the planet will be them and a genetically modified slave class of half man half machine cyborgs, kind of like a high-tech version of the Morlocks in H G Wells’ The Time Machine, apparently an NWO favorite read.

This chap certainly looks like he’s up to date with his booster shots, doesn’t he??...

It is crucial to understand that the developments since late 2019 when the current catastrophic timeline was set in motion didn’t just happen spontaneously, the groundwork for them was laid not just for years but for decades by the hidden or true government of the world who for convenience we refer to as the New World Order, or NWO for short, and a big reason that the NWO have made their move now is that their endless exponential debt and money creation had brought the world economy to the brink of collapse, so if it was going to collapse anyway they were going to make very sure that it would do so on their terms and in a way that would enable them to rapidly transfer all of the wealth of the world straight into their pockets. We should always keep in mind that the seeds of the current mammoth crisis were sown as far back as 1913 with the creation of the Federal Reserve when a private clique of gangsters gained control of the US money supply, a control that they have since continued to ruthlessly exploit with catastrophic results.

Dr Laibow back in 2009 predicted exactly what is happening now when she fled the US for Panama (early, but a whole lot better early than late) and in July 2019 Mike Adams of Natural News made a startlingly prescient prediction that the NWO were going to cull the world population with vaccines, although he thought they would achieve it with 2 shots, whereas it is now evident that they are spacing it out more, probably to snare more victims.

You may well ask, given the urgency of the situation, why the NWO waited so long to put their plans into action. The reason for that is simple – they had to wait until they had complete control over all key business leaders, governments, major institutions, the media, regulatory authorities, politicians and especially the medical profession and the courts and justice system. Virtually all of these are now under their control and in their pockets, and anyone who doesn’t conform to what is expected of him or her is either marginalized or eliminated. Amazingly, world governments are now under the control of a big pharma company, Pfizer and the United Nations who already call the shots (get it?) having effectively staged a global coup, as set out by Alex Jones in US Government Signed Secret Treaty with Pfizer. It is not necessary to go into the details of how control over individuals is achieved, but the methods used include the usual bribery, blackmail coercion and threats. Speaking of Alex Jones he certainly has a way with words when he Declares War on Gene Simmons. Jones is right of course, even if somewhat forceful in his condemnation.

The reason that the NWO haven’t already taken down websites like Bitchute and Infowars already is that they enjoy watching videos of vaccine victims lying on the ground and twitching and suffering from Bell’s Palsy etc. and Alex Jones getting all fired up and calling them out. They know that because the vast majority of people are stupid, the number of people visiting these sites and watching videos on them is tiny as a percentage of the population, and in any event, those who oppose them will in due course be carted off to Quarantine Centers, a.k.a Death Camps, and executed.

Here’s one of the lucky ones – he’s still alive!!

I must say that I admire MAG's skepticism expressed in THEY'RE GETTING READY CAMPS FOR THE UNVACCINATED PEOPLE - if more people were skeptical like this hardly anyone would have gone and gotten vaccinated and the world would not be in dire situation it now is.

One cannot but be impressed with the lengths the State will go to, to protect our health…

Apart from considering the teeming hordes of humanity as a destructive infestation upon the face of the Earth, there is another big reason to get rid of most of them, seen from the standpoint of the NWO – they no longer need them. The NWO have already become immensely wealthy as a result of their exploitation of the masses for many years, and as a result of continuing advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI), computing, robotics etc. they no longer need them. Most workers can now be replaced by machines or robots. So they have become a superfluous nuisance to be eliminated and you may have noticed that they have already started killing thousands of old people in nursing homes in order to avoid paying their pensions and upkeep.

It is important to keep in mind that while the vaccines are the principal means to genocide the population, there are other significant ones in play, like the supply chain disruptions that are a consequence of the lockdowns, and the severe and intentional disruption to the affordable access to fertilizers as set out eloquently by the Ice Age Farmer in his recent video Farmers Panic. As if that isn’t enough they have Plans to Spray Magnetic Nano Particles on Global Food Supply which means that no-one can escape their body modification dragnet, and the madness doesn't stop there as according to Mike Adams they are setting up a terraforming project that will destroy all life on Earth.

Now we come to the core question of how many they plan to kill, via the vaccines and the extermination camps for those who refuse to accept them. According to the best satanic traditions, the NWO actually telegraph in advance what they are going to do to people, which means that the karma is on them. They do this knowing that the masses are too apathetic and stupid to take heed or do anything about it. Alex Jones has been aware of their plans since the early – mid 2000’s, but most people were too complacent to listen to him and accepted the mainstream media portrayal of him as a crank and a fanatic. Thus, they have already forewarned of how many people they plan to dispose of on the Georgia Guidestones, set up in Georgia in about 1980. This strange monolithic structure has been taken by some to be a kind of cutesy US answer to Stonehenge in England, but in reality it is an ominous warning by the NWO of what they have planned. On the photo below we see what they view as a sustainable world population, and actually even that seems quite a lot of people, but to get to that figure they are going to have to cull 7.4 billion people, meaning that they are going to slash the world population by a staggering 93.6 % and clearly that is going to take some doing. Nevertheless, as we are right now witnessing, they definitely seem to be up to the task and according to Celeste Solum (ex FEMA) it is going to be even worse than that, because whoever survives will be transformed into a genetically altered mind-controlled cyborg whose biological self dies.

Now that we understand that the bulk of the human race and perhaps all are scheduled to be exterminated with surprising rapidity it leads to the next question which is “How are they going to go about killing all these people?” After all, most people want to live. Crude methods such as filling stadiums with huge crowds and then gassing or machine gunning them would backfire because it would quickly lead to a widespread realization of what is going on and massive resistance. The best way to go about it is in a clandestine manner where you encourage entire populations by some means to commit suicide en masse without knowing it in a manner that provides plausible deniability and that is precisely what we are seeing now with the global vaccine genocide program. Of course the masses don’t realize they are committing suicide, having been conned, duped and gaslighted into believing that the authorities are acting with their best interests at heart, when nothing could be further from the truth.

The fully vaccinated would appear to be “on the slippery slope”…

Exterminating about 94% of the world population in the space of a few years is clearly a mammoth undertaking and one that requires meticulous and very carefully crafted planning, and in fact these plans have been “in the works” for decades and, as mentioned above, they could not be put into action until all the pieces were in place. The NWO are not taking any chances and have got “all the exits covered” and they have infinite money for the task as they control the Central Banks and thus are able to print unlimited quantities of money with which to pay handsome bribes to politicians, the media and regulatory authorities and especially the judiciary etc. with the bill for all this being picked up later by the ordinary citizen in the form of rising prices. The plandemic was storyboarded out in detail with teams of psychologists on the payroll whose job was to expertly play the public for the fools that most of them are. Final tweaking of plans was completed at Event 201 in New York in October 2019 where it was obvious what they were up to, but of course no-one took any notice and it was downplayed in the mainstream media.

When the plandemic kicked off in late in 2019 the first job was create the universal impression that a devastating pandemic was starting that would wipe out a significant percentage of the world’s population. The mainstream media played its central role by stoking alarm and panic amongst the populace by broadcasting lurid footage of people lying dead in the streets of Wuhan and medical and sanitary workers in Hazmat suits looking like astronauts and spraying everyone and everything and the public was introduced to the idea of lockdowns to stop the spread. Naturally, flights from this part of China were not stopped until planes had gone everywhere to spread to the entire world the supposedly deadly virus. Northern Italy was “seeded” with the virus, or at least with the flu rebranded as the virus to create panic and hysteria across the Western world. New York seized the opportunity to kill off loads of useless eaters in nursing homes with Remdesivir. Then we had the “2 weeks to flatten the curve” lockdowns which went on all year, the introduction of mask wearing to a gullible and ignorant public, (anti) social distancing and ludicrous sanitary measures like people washing their hands in gloop every time they entered a store after standing outside in a line. The dumb public did not know it, but they were being subjected to an occult ritual of transformation that involved abuse, degradation and isolation. The result was the creation of an extraordinary global Covidian Cult with billions of devotees around the world who are on the fast track to their doom. Dr Darrell Wolfe has some rather severe words for these people although he made this video some months ago at which time he probably didn’t understand that the unvaxxed will be hauled off to death camps to be either forcibly jabbed or more likely killed. Dr Sean Brooks didn’t mince his words at this school board meeting when he spoke on the subject.

The purpose of all this ritualistic training was to maintain and maximize fear and paranoia amongst the general public and to get them as depressed and frustrated as possible so that they would reach for the “vaccine”, really the bioweapon, as the salvation that would enable them to return to a relatively normal life.

Here is how the NWO are proceeding to get as many people vaccinated as possible. Using the fear and paranoia whipped up by the mainstream media, they start by snaring the most gullible ignorant and stupid people who comprise roughly 50% of the population, the classic sheeple, people who don’t care that the vaccine only has emergency use authorization and has not undergone proper testing and aren’t interested in what’s in it and won’t wait to find out. Cases are ramped up enormously by increasing the cycle threshold on the fraudulent PCR test with the lie being put about that asymptomatic people can be infectious. Then anyone who dies of anything is labeled as a Covid death with hospitals financially incentivized to label them as such. Doctors or nurses who try to speak out about what is going on are silenced or fired. Hollywood helps out by staging scenes of desperate people gasping for breath and on ventilators in packed wards, when in reality hospitals were empty with staff doing dance routines that were posted on public media. Medical insurance companies save a fortune on cancelled treatments.

In order to get the emergency use authorization the drug companies had to make sure that long effective and tried and tested remedies like hydroxychloroquin and ivermectin were discredited and suppressed, although it is pretty hard to discredit the latter as it has been in use about 60 years and won a Nobel prize as a safe medicine, although that didn’t stop them trying to label it as “horse paste”. As is now clear, Covid has turned out to be nothing more than a bad flu which kills less than 1% of its victims and could have been inexpensively treated by these established methods, but the NWO were not going to permit that as it would derail their plans. Having herded the 50% of the population who are unthinking morons into getting the jab solely on the basis of misplaced fear they moved on next to the people who needed a little inducement, like a free entry to a lottery or a year’s supply of free donuts and perhaps best of all, in New York, a free side of fries. After that things started to get uglier as they turned to coercion, with the purebloods (unvaxxed) not being allowed to enter concert halls, museums or to enter restaurants without proof of vaccination. This coercion has recently been ramped up to become severe with the unvaxxed being denied entry to college, stopped from boarding aircraft and travelling etc. and now we are hearing that they will be subject to quarantine in Austria and soon other places. The aim is to make life as difficult as possible for the unvaccinated so that eventually they give in and yield to the medical tyranny. Coming up we can expect them to be denied access to supermarkets, gas stations and even to be denied access to banking services.

For those of you who understand Astrology we have the planet Pluto, which among other things represents the forces of cathartic destruction, in the last degrees of the sign of Capricorn, which relates to the structures and institutions of society. Being very slow moving it remains in this sign for the next 3 years, only leaving it towards the end of 2024. What this implies is that this economic and societal collapse will continue unabated for 3 solid years and leave behind it absolute devastation with billions dead, and it is already becoming very clear that this is where we are headed. Better do some prepping as time is far running out. On the plus side whoever survives that far should then be able to partake in the rebuilding process in a very different world.

Some of you may have noticed that China has been set up as the bogeyman in all this, as a sort of lightning rod to take the blame, the kind that would appeal to devout Trump supporters, when in reality as set out in China’s New World Order – Really? it has been groomed and guided over many years by the NWO to serve their ends. This is why the virus fiasco started in China.

Speaking of booster shots, the unfortunate fellow in the following picture has done remarkably well by making it this far, has he not, and in so doing contributed handsomely to “the bottom line” of big Pharma companies, courtesy of the taxpayer of course…

Herman Munster must have been a prototype.

The final stage in the corralling of the public into the vaccination (extermination) program is for the resolutely unvaxxed to be carted off to death camps (quarantine centers) purportedly because they are a health risk, where they will be either forcibly jabbed or exterminated and given that the object of the exercise is genocide, probably the latter.

So convenient – they shouldn’t have to transport you far…

Meanwhile the feeble-minded who have played along with all this out of weakness or stupidity or both, and have got all the shots up to now are starting to find out they that have checked into the Hotel California, where they can never leave and that they are scheduled for endless boosters whose ultimate purpose of course is to kill them or at least to transform them into cyborgs. These boosters are downright dangerous and to be avoided at all costs as made clear in Vaccine Boosters to Kill. Many of them are dying already, see the horrifying VAERS chart below, and this is what gets reported, which is possibly only 1% or a little more of those who are actually dying and of course there are many more suffering serious and life changing injuries.

To the many vaxxed who have so far gotten away with it you are being pumped full of graphene oxide – so wait to see what happens when they throw the 5G switch.

The NWO, who are a lot brighter than most of their victims, are smart enough to know that if they went trying to kill as many as possible with the 1st or 2nd shots, they would put off more potential victims, so they have staggered it, with placebos mixed in. Watch TRUTH ABOUT HOW JAB WORKS to see stepped this stepped approach. The idea is to suck as many of the hapless fools in - 90% or more of the population - before they hit them with the “kill switch” which will either be a particularly potent booster, or 5G kill beams which will only be activated once they have enough 5G coverage and once they have pumped enough graphene oxide into the victims, which becomes aggressively toxic when activated by pulsed 5G signals. For a dramatic illustration of how this might turn out go watch the trailer for the film Cell with Andrew Jackson and John Cusack, made in 2016.

In this video Dr Sherri Tenpenny sets out The 20 Methods of Injury from the shots.

Dr Tenpenny, who clearly knows her stuff, recently did an interesting and informative Brighteon video with Mike Adams called KILL SHOT which is well worth watching.

The public are at last starting to wake up to the fact that they have been played, but their response has thus far been inappropriate and ineffectual and in any event as the NWO have wargamed the whole thing out they know what to expect and how to overcome resistance. For example huge protests have been organized in city centers all over the world where many thousands of sheep mill around with homemade placards and banners drawing support as ever from being part of a crowd, but the NWO don’t care about these protests. Their controlled mainstream media grossly underreport the numbers involved and they themselves ignore them and are probably enjoying themselves doing unspeakable things with 14-year old girls, or younger, in their dungeons while all this is going on. If the crowds get really wild and start burning down and destroying town centers they don’t care about that either, as it simply gives them a further excuse to declare martial law. Many cling to the mistaken belief that because the actions of the NWO and governments around the world are technically illegal, they can be brought to account, and so they propose banding together and bringing class action lawsuits etc. failing to understand that because the system is completely corrupted such actions won’t get anywhere and will end up being a complete waste of time and money. There is no law anymore – might is right and the NWO will exactly as they please regardless of any supposed legal constraints. For example, they have ridden roughshod over the Constitution of the United States and the Nuremberg codes, which they can do because all the judges are in their pockets.

The NWO oligarchs at the top of the pyramid who are driving all this are unassailable, they cannot be attacked or brought down. This is because they have phalanxes of private security, private armies in fact and can call on the support of the State military and police in the event that the mob attempt to come after them with pitchforks. In order words it is impossible to attack the top of the pyramid – it can only be attacked at its foundations. That means two things, non-compliance by the masses to dictates from above, and an assault on the lowest levels of the command structure. As Brother Bugnolo of Italy set out in his recent video The Only Solution to Fight The Great Reset lawsuits are a waste of time. What needs to happen is citizens’ arrests of local low level tyrants such as town mayors and police chiefs who issue illegal dictates, with those arrested being incarcerated for as long as necessary in undisclosed locations. Those conducting such operations will need to use foresight and planning, for example by not announcing their intentions so that they turn up unexpected in sufficient numbers to get the job done before the police arrive, and make sure that the target cannot flee via a back entrance. The other approach is take on all the local enforcers, meaning anyone attempting to force you to show a vaccination pass or to wear a mask or wash your hands with gloop etc., and make it clear to them that they are going to pay a heavy price if they continue in that role, in other words you use sufficient “persuasion” to get them to desist, and clearly this will be easier to achieve if you show up in force with others, again doing so in a manner so that your actions are not anticipated. Brother Bugnolo's video linked above was preceded by a somewhat longer and fascinating video by him titled WE ARE THE GREAT SEPARATION which I'm sure you'll agree is a blinkin' good video, and while considering the views of prominent members of the Italian clergy I'm sure you will also agree that this is an important MESSAGE FROM ARCHBISHOP VIGANO even if you aren't religiously inclined, in which he describes how degenerate forces are gaining ascendancy.

One of the most alarming aspects of the situation going forward is that even if vaccinations stopped completely tomorrow, so much damage has been done to the population that functional society is set to break down, as billions of people degenerate and lose cognitive function. Mike Adams of natural News throws the spotlight on this in We have crossed the event horizon of cognitive destruction. Mike Adams also makes clear in Only PUREBLOODS will survive the vaccine / radiation holocaust that by suppressing the natural DNA repair mechanism in the body, the “vaccines” will set their victims up for devastating cancerous mutations in the presence of any ionizing radiation, meaning that they won’t even be able to go out in the sunshine, and so will end up shunning the daylight and becoming creatures of the night, and there I was years ago thinking that those old Dracula movies starring Vincent Price were just a joke.

If you should ever doubt how many stupid people there are in the world just go out and see how many people are wearing masks. If saliva is infectious then there is no need to do PCR tests where they shove a swab right up your nose to harvest your DNA and infect you with nanobots, they could test your saliva. Clearly the mask argument has no foundation. Observe how many are wearing masks, largely due to cowardice and peer group pressure, even when they don’t have to. Masks reduce your oxygen intake, make your blood acidic, the better to cause cancer, but that’s OK because the objective is not just control but to kill as many as possible.

When things look this bad a dose of youthful idealism is of course just what the doctor ordered and we should be thankful to have that with fresh-faced Greta Thunberg's idea on HOW TO SAVE THE WORLD.

On the other hand when I see the vast number of cheap and efficient coffins stacked up outside Atlanta, Georgia in the US, little Greta's upbeat message rings kind of hollow, and this is outside just one city. Go to minute 7.13 of this video MILLIONS OF COFFINS READIED FOR THE VACCINATED to see them. Reminds me of the old boy scout motto in Britain years ago: "Be prepared".

Get intimately acquainted with your fellow citizens – posthumously – once you find yourself in one of these which can each accommodate 4 or more stiffs, and they stretch almost as far as the eye can see….

In the video Dr Chetty Explains the Agenda he provides a succinct and sober assessment of what this is all about.

In his new video A Genocide is Happening in Northern Australia Max Igan, who fled Australia for Mexico before they came looking for him, provides some interesting and highly practical insights into how to deal effectively with police who are behaving in a violent manner.

In this new and very important video it is made clear that THE JABBED ARE DEVELOPING FULL BLOWN AIDS.

Late addition – this most important video GRAPHENE “RAZOR BLADES” IN VACCINE just out explains a key reason for the graphene hydroxide found in most of the jabs. The molecules of it are big but extremely thin but the cutting edge is only one atom thick and they function as thousands of tiny razor blades which shred the small blood vessels all over the body but most notably in the brain and the heart, and as they are not biodegradable they will continue to do so until the victim is dead.

The following by Wil Paranormal neatly sums up the dilemma facing everyone except the NWO, Congress and Pfizer employees…

In conclusion it is clear that unless there is a swift change of attitude by the majority of the population all around the world so that they no longer comply and go along with NWO dictates, the result will be genocide on an epic scale with billions set to die, which is already close to being “baked in” thanks to the number of people already vaccinated, and a collapse into a brutal dystopian hell for the survivors. The NWO are “playing for all the marbles” and have made plain their intention to exterminate most of the population and turn any survivors into modified slaves and appropriate (steal) all private property by forcing the citizenry into bankruptcy and they have a huge advantage over the population at large because they print as much money as they like to gift to themselves while the hapless general public are for most part clueless and stupid and completely unaware of the depth and extent of the NWO’s nefarious plans for them. Faced with serious resistance the NWO have a number of tricks up their sleeve including the release of a much more serious bioweapon such as a version of smallpox that will wipe out a high percentage of the population. We are thus at one of the biggest, if not THE biggest, inflexion points in all of history.

End. There is no password on this article so please distribute it far and wide.

Posted at 11.40 am EST on 25th November 21.

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