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The Great Reset is the World Economic Forum’s trade name for what is really The Great Collapse. The term The Great Reset is not as negative in its connotations as The Great Collapse as it holds out hope that after everything gets taken down it will come bouncing back. The trouble is that it won’t, especially for the larger proportion of the human race who will not live to see any reset.

The key point to understand about The Great Collapse is that it is inevitable, regardless of any stunts pulled by the globalists such as the Covid Plandemic, the Ukraine war and now the vaccine induced “Monkeypox”, long promised by Bill Gates. It is inevitable because global debt has exploded to unsustainable levels and has become critically unstable. This may well have been a factor influencing the exact timing of the start of the Covid Plandemic, since by the Fall of 2019 the Repo market was going off the rails, and they were looking for an excuse to ramp up debt even further which was amply provided by the “emergency” funding for the Plandemic.

What has become abundantly clear since the Plandemic started is that the Globalists, in accordance with the doctrine “Never let a good crisis go to waste”, have stepped forward to take control of the collapse and manage it to their advantage. They are accelerating it greatly by broad-based acts of economic sabotage such as lockdowns (imposition of Martial Law) which serve to eliminate small and mid-sized businesses in favor of globalist owned big corporations that are allowed to remain open to mop up all the business lost to those ordered to close, and function to train the population to accept submission and subservience ahead of the full-bore Martial Law that will probably be imposed later this year once the United Nations / World Health organization have achieved effective world government which is set to happen this month when the constitutional Independence of most countries will be made subordinate to the will and dictates of these organizations, becoming effective 6 months later.

Other acts of economic sabotage being undertaken by the globalists, in addition to the fallout from the lockdowns in the form of supply chain disruptions, include using food as a weapon by disrupting food supply involving doing such things as starting the Ukraine war which they achieved by putting Russia in a position where it had to act to protect the Russian population in Eastern Ukraine, and to prevent missiles being stationed hard up against its south-western border. The Ukraine war has halted exports of grain from Ukraine, which is one of the world’s biggest grain producers, and in addition from Russia itself and also halted exports of fertiliser from both Belorussia and Russia, which taken together will result in a drastic reduction in the world food supply and consequent widespread starvation. As if this wasn’t enough they are pressing home their advantage by delaying rail freight shipments of fertiliser to farmers in the US so that they fail to arrive in time for planting season, and paying farmers a premium to destroy their crops and we have Bill Gates buying up loads of farmland across the US presumably to either allow it to remain fallow or to grow GMO food.

All this translates into great strides by the globalists towards one of their core goals which is drastic population reduction. Are they right to want to drastically reduce the world population? – it all depends on your point of view. In the first place much of the growth of the world population in recent years has been made possible by the explosion of debt, that has brought consumption forward. So when the debt bubble bursts it is inevitable that it will be impossible to maintain the world population at the current level – and it is bursting. The current world population is way above a level that is sustainable long-term with the result that planetary ecosystems are being destroyed, obvious examples being the destruction of the Amazon rainforest which has passed the point of no return and the oceans being filled with plastic waste. So if you are a friend of the Earth and its plants and animals which are being made extinct at an alarming rate, the first thing you will want to see is a drastic reduction in population. That’s what the globalists want and their point of view is more understandable when you appreciate that they themselves will be exempt from being culled, which is a privilege that comes with being at the top of the pyramid. That’s why members of Congress and Pfizer employees are amongst the privileged groups exempted from taking the death shots. On the other hand, looking at it from the point of view of humanity, many people will not want to accept being culled, or having their close family and friends being culled, in order to save the planet and would resist it if they actually understood what is going on, which most of them clearly don’t.

If you were to take the average citizen aside, explain the overpopulation problem, and say “Now look, don’t you want to do your bit to save the planet by terminating the existence of yourself and your extended family?” you can pretty much guarantee that the answer would be a flat out “No” or more eloquently “Thanks, but no thanks”. So the game is to trick the masses into committing suicide by lining up to voluntarily to take lethal injections. This has been done by peddling them a scare story about how they are going to die from a lethal pandemic if they don’t roll up their sleeves. The facts are that there is no pandemic, just a virus engineered in a lab that maybe kills slightly more than the flu, there was no need for a “vaccination” because this virus can be controlled by means of traditional treatments like Ivermectin that were blocked, there was therefore no need for lockdowns, masks, endless hand washing and social distancing, but the truth doesn’t matter because the globalist controllers have bought off and control all the mainstream media outlets and politicians right across the world and likewise have the legal system and the judges in their pockets. The globalists responsible for all of this are actually criminals and this is not a value judgement, it is a matter of fact, because all their draconian measures using the fig leaf of a “state of emergency”, which is itself a fabrication since no state of emergency has ever existed since all of this started, break the laws of most countries and are in breach of the Nuremburg codes and the only reason that they were able to ram them through is because of the connivance of bribed politicians and neutered legal systems, with judges either bought off or threatened into complicity. The Presidents of countries who stood in their way, like the President of Tanzania, were simply assassinated and replaced with stooges.

It has been postulated that what is now going on across the world is the handiwork of aliens who are intent on exterminating humanity but before you laugh and dismiss this as too far-fetched and a crackpot theory, I happen to think that what has happened over the past 30 months is very far-fetched, yet it happened, so I wouldn’t rule out this possiibility. As I see it, there would be two possible reasons for aliens to exterminate humanity. One is that they see us as a primitive destructive predatory plague and scourge that is laying waste to this once green and verdant planet, destroying countless species of plants and animals, and I for one wouldn’t disagree with them on that. The other is that, having stumbled upon the Earth, they want to conquer it for themselves, as in “Nice planet, we’ll take it!” and see us as a nuisance that needs to be disposed of. Either way, they are too sophisticated to land in fleets of flying saucers and jump out with ray guns and try to zap us all, like in the film Independance Day. Instead they will have set in motion a plan to get us to suicide ourselves via poisonous injections and whatever else is needed to complete the job, like war and famine. To this end they have either co-opted world leaders though bribes, promises and possibly coerción or have replaced them with avatars, and they would certainly have the technology to do this. Whether aliens are involved or not, one thing is clear which is that a global genocide program is well underway that will drastically reduce the world’s population by the end of this decade unless the population at large grasp what is going on and mobilize to stop it.

The masses, who by definition are ignorant and have next to no critical thinking capacity, will believe pretty much anything they are told by the mainstream media and politicians and if they are told they should line up for lethal injections, wash their hands in every store or public building as they enter and wear oxygen stealing masks for hours on end, they will do it. They are now part of a psychotic global narrative, whose danger lies in the fact that the majority believe in it, making it possible to subject anyone who doesn’t believe in it to persecution, which is already happening in the form of being denied access to restaurants or permission to board an aircraft if you haven’t taken the lethal injections, and this will later extend to being hunted down and either forcibly injected or dragged off to a quarantine center (concentration camp) and either forcibly injected or exterminated. This is a big reason for the UN / World Health Organisation’s current power grab where it is attempting to become the global government via a treaty that overrides sovereign governments’ powers.

This brings us to a somewhat puzzling aspect of this whole business. If the globalists were simply concerned about overpopulation, you would think that they would be content with killing off say 80 – 90% of the population, which, looking at it from their point of view, is understandable, but it appears that they want to wipe out almost the entire human race – kill most people and turn the survivors into genetically modified mind-controlled cyborgs hooked up to the “internet of bodies”. So why is this? The first point to make is that they have absolute contempt for anyone but themselves, who they regard as nothing more than chattels, like farm animals, that they want to cull, especially as most workers can now be replaced by robots that don’t want a salary. The second point is that they are on the biggest power trip in the history of the world. Despots from time immemorial have always enjoyed the exercise of raw power involving imprisoning, torturing and killing people, sometimes by the thousands or even by the millions as in Stalin’s Holodomor in Ukraine, on a whim for their own gratification and now, thanks to the docile and submissive nature of most of the world’s population, they are able to do it on a global scale, simple examples of their egregious cruelty being forcing schoolchildren to wear useless and harmful masks all day and in recent weeks the Chinese government locking up the 27 million residents of Shanghai in their homes, in many cases leaving them to starve. The third point is that many of them are card carrying Satanists – you don’t acquire the kind of wealth and power they have if you are not. Think of them as being members of a giant global “frat” society. The sordid details of their activities and rituals are beyond the scope of this article but suffice it to say that they enjoy inflicting widespread death, destruction and suffering on others and have carefully engineered the epochal crisis phase that the world is now entering with the masses being complicit as a result of their own growing decadence and degeneracy. The globalists are about to have the time of their lives as billions die over the next several years as a result of the lethal injections and as a result of starvation, war and general chaos. In the past the elites could only enjoy the suffering of the masses secondhand by reading about it in the newpapers and perhaps watching Pathe newsreels unless they took the trouble to go into the center of town to watch the rioting and looting etc., which was somewhat risky. Now they can settle back in their sumptuous armchairs and sofas in their remote and impregnable hideaways as their servants ply them with drinks and treats and watch all the strife with glee on big satellite connected flatscreen TVs.

Uptake of the “vaccines” is now tailing off somewhat as more of the masses are belatedly waking up to the fact that they have been conned. It is understood that about 60% of the world population have had at least one shot, which is a staggering figure considering that these “vaccines” are poison and is a sad testament to how many gullible, ignorant and stupid people there are in the world. As one of the elites recently said “I am looking forward to all these imbeciles turning into fertiliser”. Somewhat surprisingly, takeup of the “vaccines” across the African continent has been very low which is because Africans have a healthy suspicion of Big Pharma having been subjected to nasty experiments by Gates and Co. in the past. While the 60% takeup of the “vaccines” is doubtless a source of good cheer to the Globalists, they are not content with wiping out or “cyborgizing” 60% of the population – they want a higher tally. So now they are moving on to create wars, civil wars and mass starvation by the intentional sabotage of supply chains, and just this past week they have unveiled “Pandemic 2”, the monkeypox, which Gates forewarned of with glee a year or two ago. Monkeypox afflicts the vaccinated which is hardly surprising considering that, in addition to genetic material from aborted fetuses, some of the shots contain genetic material from chimpanzees – perhaps some of the symptoms of this ailment include scratching and baring of teeth and a craving for bananas. This new vaccine-induced pandemic may be worse than Covid-19 (Certification of vaccination ID) which of course will play right into the hands of those who created it, as we can expect it to be used to generate a 2nd wave of fear and paranoia and push still more gullible people into lining up for death shots and also provide the excuse for the return of widespread brutal lockdowns, permanent mask wearing and the implementation of other planned measures like the cashless society and global ID and it will help the World Health Organization and United Nations to take center stage and usurp the sovereignty of individual nations, with the World Economic Forum cementing its iron grip over the world population.

The billions of hapless and ignorant victims of this monumental virus hoax and psyop who daily go through the ludicrous and pointless routines that their masters have devised for them have no idea that they are partaking in an occult ritual that will result in either their death or their enslavement, and so they cooperate in bringing about their own destruction. When you witness cognitive dissonence and willful ignorance on this scale it is hard not to start despising them as the globalists clearly do. Yet just because something or someone is stupid, it is not a reason to wish to do them harm. If we take the common sheep for example, it is perfectly suited to its way of life – if it was gifted with great intelligence it would be a curse because it would probably end up getting very bored chewing grass for about 8 hours a day. It has what it needs for the life it leads and sheep are kind of cute when they stare at you with those vacant looking eyes as they munch with their giant molars, and not only that, they provide wool for clothing and tasty meat. Compared to what has been going on the past couple of years, the elites have traditionally adopted a benign attitude to the masses that they “farm” to support their opulent lifestyles, even going so far as to allow them to do things like buy houses and take vacations but now, having decided that most of them have outlived their usefulness, they are turning on them with a determination to kill most of them and turn the survivors into slaves.

The ultimate symbol of the collective mass psychosis that the globalists have skillfully worked up in the masses is the face mask. The acceptance of wearing these masks by the masses was and is only possible because of their pitiful ignorance and suggestibility. Just a few minutes of searching on the internet quickly turns up that these masks are not only useless for preventing infection in the wearer or anyone else around them, but that they are definitely very harmful to health, especially if worn for long periods. From the perspective of the globalists the mask serves many purposes in pursuit of their objectives. The first and most obvious one is that the wearing of the mask signals that you accept the cult narrative, however absurd it is, and are yourself a part of the cult. Next is that it is an indication of fear – fear that you will get infected or concern that you will infect someone, which cannot happen unless you are actually ill, which is why they came up with the lie about asymptomatic transmission, or fear of standing out from the crowd who are all stupidly wearing them and if not these reasons then fear that you will be fined. Masks also connote censorship, since they are a form of gagging that is associated with denying the wearer their voice. Next, and importantly, they are a sign of submission which shows that you will give up breathing freely, a most basic human right, in order to please your master or fit in with the collective psychosis. Finally, they erase your personality and stunt communication with others, since they can’t see you properly. Overall they should be seen for what they are, a form of self-flagellation which damages the health of individuals through bacterial buildup, oxygen deprivation and the rebreathing of exhaled carbon dioxide and damage society at large through the collective ill health resulting from their misguided use and in addition they are a gross misuse of resources that results in severe environmental damage, but all this suits the globalist masters just fine, since the sicker people are the more likely they are to succumb to the poison shots and die.

The United States has been targeted for destruction, partly because its founding ethos of liberty of the individual and self-determination is at odds with the globalist goal of total enslavement – China meets with their approval much more. In China, most of the population live their lives as permanent schoolchildren whose social credit score rises or falls depending on how naughty they are, and when the government feels like it, it can barricade them in their homes and leave them to starve, as has been happening in Shanghai in recent weeks. So it is clear that the globalists want to move the US in this direction. This is why the election was rigged to instal a corrupt degenerate doddering senile old puppet in office who can be relied on to sign anything pushed in front of him without reading it and then he can get stuck with the blame when it all hits the fan. Amongst the other methods being used to destroy the country we have the southern border being flung wide open to allow millions of refugees in who will overload the social security system and automatically vote for the politicians that offer them the most freebies, the promotion of freaks and weirdos to high office where they are able to advance their bizarre agendas, the corruption of schoolchildren at a very young age by the introduction of LBGTQ themes in schools, the fostering of ethnic and racial hatred, the weakening of the military, police forces and health professionals by the imposition of vaccine mandates, which result in the best military and police personal quiting, and those left falling sick and later dying, pandering to the “woke” culture and the intentional sabotage of the farming industry, food distribution systems and the oil pipeline distribution network.

So to sum up. The world has been taken over by a satanic cult whose members are unimaginably wealthy and they use this wealth to corrupt and control all the governments, judiciaries and major institutions of the world so that they work to advance this cult’s agenda. Its agenda can be very simply stated – it is to own everything (that’s why you will own nothing and be happy) to exterminate the vast majority of the human population and to tranform the survivors into transhuman cyborgs permanently hooked up to the “internet of bodies” who will serve as a slave class. To this end they intend to destroy the world economy and collapse civilization, and you have probably noticed that they have started to do this and anyone nurturing the delusion that once Covid is overcome life will return to normal is in for a horrible shock. The dispossessed survivors of The Great Culling will be herded into tightly packed high-tech urban ghettoes where they will be monitored and controlled 24 / 7.

List of linked videos and articles…

Following is a list of interesting and informative articles and videos that many of you may not have seen…

We start with a video that is even more riveting now than when it was made, because when it was made it was conspiracy theory, now it’s conspiracy fact… Dr RIMA LAIBOW FROM 2009 – COVID-19 WAS PLANNED! – WORLD DEPOPULATION!!!

If Dr Laibow is right, albeit she was early in her predictions, then they might have use of a very large number of coffins, such as we see in this DRONE VIEW OF FEMA COFFINS. There’s a funny part at the end where, realizing that they’ve been rumbled, they start trucking the coffins off hastily. As this video was made about a decade ago and there is no covering over these coffins I am a little concerned that, being black plastic, they may have suffered some damage from the sun that could impact on their efficacy.

Much more recently, in July of 2019, Mike Adams of Natural News produced a stunningly prescient warning that PEOPLE WILL LINE UP AND BE INJECTED WITH A BIOWEAPON which is exactly what we have seen happen since early last year.

In this alarming 3 minute 28 second video Celeste Solum succinctly describes how the COVID TEST INSERTS A MICROCHIP. Celeste Solum visited the Davos meeting of the Globalists (possibly in a virtual manner) last January and observed that their extensive plans for everything now run 250 layers deep and it has been postulated that it would take the application of AI to control all this. What AI does depends on how it has been set up. We can presume that it has a set of “Prime Directives”. So if one of its main Prime Directives is “to do what is best for the planet and its natural diversity” it would probably conclude that the highest priority is to eliminate most of the human population. Therefore, what we may be witnessing now is a situation where a versión of “Skynet” has taken over and is configuring on the fly how to exterminate most of the human race, and since it learns as it goes, and infinitely faster than a human being can learn, whenever it encounters pushback or resistance it simply “ducks and dives” to advance its agenda in other ways. So, for example, all the demos a few months ago culminating in the Truckers convoy may have triggered it into easing off on the restrictions and starting the Ukraine war as a diversionary tactic before launching the Monkeypox phase. The globalists may simply be settling back in their armchairs and watching with amusement as AI runs the show, knowing it can now outhink humanity so that it’s always 2 steps ahead. If this is so it may increase the risk of a nuclear war, depending on whether AI thinks it is worth the downside.

THE COVIDIAN CULT describes how the globalists have through their 2020 Covid “shock and awe” campaign involving non-stop 24-hour fear porn inculcated much of the global population into a self-perpetuating cult.

Here is a short and somewhat brutal assessment of those who have taken the shots TED NUGENT ADDRESSES THE VACCINATED.

In this brief and blunt assessment DR SEAN BROOKS AT SW OHIO SCHOOL BOARD MEETING makes it very clear what will happen to the vaccinated.

In this stunning short video PREPARE FOR MARBURG, 5G INDUCED ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE attorney Todd Callendar sets out how the US Constitution has already been suspended, quarantine camps are already set up or under construction across the US, the vaccinated are technically a new species that have become the property of the patent holders, and how the bioweapon victims (“vaccinated”) already have the Marburg virus dormant in them that will be activated by pulsed 5G waves at 18 GHz and will, due to IP36 gene deletion by the bioweapon, result in the victims becoming zombies as the frontal lobes of their brains are destroyed. When this occurs en masse the result will be the zombie apocalypse long foretold by the predictive programming movies.

In this most illuminating video LA QUINTA COLUMNA CONFIRMS WHAT’S IN THE VACCINE Ricardo Delegado of La Quinta Columna in Spain describes how the graphene oxide in the “vaccines” will kill most recipients over time and the technology in them that will hook recipients up to the internet and eventually turn those who survive into slave bots.

It is no coincidence that the bioweapon (“vaccine”) rollout has been synchronized with the activation of 5G antennas worldwide. The reason for the endless vaccine boosters is to maintain a high level of the carcinogenic graphene oxide that is the necessary material to faciliate the construction of nanotech operating systems in the recipient’s bodies that will link to and be controlled by the 5G network, but it goes further than that. A big reason for the extensive PCR tests, apart from fraudulently bumping up the number of Covid “cases” is to create a DNA databank. The DNA of each person is unique and has a unique resonant frequency. Once in possession of this they can specifically target individuals who are deemed undesirable and either incapaciate or eliminate (kill) them using pulsed and directed 5G transmissions. How this is achieved is described in MILLIMETER WAVES (5G) & YOUR MIND. The pitifully ignorant general public think that 5G has been deployed to help them download movies and games faster when in reality it is a weapons system designed to work in unison with the bioweapon (“vaccine”) installed nanotech to control and / or kill them.

It’s worth watching the 1st hour of this ALEX JONES RED ALERT EMERGENCY BROADCAST setting out how the Monkeypox has been caused by the “vaccines” which of course might have something to do with them containing the genetic material of chimpanzees.

These purple lights will make it easy at night to instantly spot who in the FEMA camps has been vaccinated and who has not, because the veins of the vaccinated glow under these lights… BLACK LIGHTS TO MAKE THE VACCINATED GLOW IN THE DARK?

Here is a very important video by the Ice Age Farmer who describes the intentional controlled demolition of the food supply in FOOD SUPPLY SHUTDOWN, which is of course a central plank of the globalists drive to cull the population - STOCK UP WITH FOOD WHILE YOU STILL CAN!!

On the subject of growing food, we can all draw inspiration from Jim’s Garden.

How about this for subconsciously programming the masses to automatically side with Ukraine by using the colors of the Ukrainian flag for 2 years prior to the outbreak of war throughout the Covid plandemic in UKRAINE COLOR PROGRAMMING. Coincidence? – you be the judge.

The events of 9/11 were a major stepping stone on the road to where we are now, and what is coming to pass at this time is the logical progression from the events of that time and what followed. A basic reason for this massive power play is that THEY WANT IT ALL.

There aren’t so many conspiracy theories around these days, because most of them have become reality. So if you are thirsting for a good one, Mike Adams of Natural News came out with a doozy a few days back. I sat outside a café in Santiago, Chile (they won’t let me in because I haven’t been poisoned) laughing my head off listening to it, although I do undertand it’s not so funny if you live in the US. The reason I was laughing is that what is set out in Adams’ podcast initially seems so preposterous but when you stop and think about what is going on in the US right now it ceases to be so funny when you realize that it is within the realms of possibiliity. The United States suffered a coup at the last election when the real President, Donald Trump, was elbowed aside by an imposter thanks to rampant vote fraud. The decision to mount the Covid psyop when they did was partly motivated by the desire to time the lockdowns so that they would force a postal vote in the election, opening up the opportunity to rig it, using thousands of mules to engage in ballot stuffing. The result is that a CCP (Chinese Communist Party) stooge is now occupying the White House and he or more accurately his minders, as he can’t find his backside with both hands in broad daylight, has set about destroying the country in earnest. In the relatively short time since this imposter has been in office we have seen the southern border thrown wide open to allow millions of immigrants to stream in, who are clearly getting survival funding from somewhere, the military and police forces have been severely weakened by the encouragement of LGBTQ recruitment etc. so that Chinese and Russian troops facing off against US forces in the future will find themselves confronting a bunch of pansies wearing lipstick and trying to march in high heels, and perhaps addressing them with phrases such as You are awful but I like you and this has been made worse by the best soldiers and policemen, who understand that the “vaccines” are a death sentence, quitting due to the vaccine mandates which are being used as a way to neuter the US armed forces. Then we have schoolchidren across the country being preyed upon by freaks and paedophiles who are being actively encouraged to become teachers and the children are taught leftist nonsense and made to wear damaging masks all day, so any right-minded parent will simply yank their child from school and teach them themselves at home or band together with like-minded parents. The food supply is being actively sabotaged with many food processing plants being burned to the ground, fertiliser shipments to farmers intentionally delayed, and farmers paid to destroy crops. The farcical baby formula scandal was engineered partly to enable Bill Gates to “get his foot in the door” with his monstrous synthetic mother’s milk which just happens to be ready to market right now. Think about that – the world’s supposedly great superpower can’t even organise a supply of baby food for its infants. So here we go with Mike Adams’ CHINA PREPARING FOR D-DAY INVASION OF THE UNITED STATES. This is an article with a long podcast reached by scrolling down the page.

Sometimes, something seemingly light or trivial like a joke or a jolly little song can carry a more important message than all the seriousness in the world and such is the case with this artful production by a plucky friar who is certainly worldly wise, a song titled PEOPLE ARE STRANGE, quite a talent I’m sure you’ll agree.

We will end with a couple of interesting articles. In this first one Gary Barnett describes how society is now largely comprised of an ignorant impotent mob who are complicit in their own destruction.

Finally, concerned that you may not consider this article long enough, we end with a link to an interesting, important and timely article by Dr Igor Shepherd entitled The Covid-19 Vaccination Massacre.

End of article. Please spread this article far and wide, the password has been taken off for this purpose.

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