originally published Wednesday, May 13, 2020

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Whilst I prepare the charts for DUST, GLD and Tanzanian Gold which were the subject of email alerts before the close today, there are several important Covid-19 articles and a video that I have seen in recent days that I would like to share with you.

First is a hard hitting but very true, in my opinion, article by Gary Barnett entitled The Perceived Threat of This Coronavirus Fraud Has Driven This Country to the Brink Of Insanity.

Next is The Cost of Big Pharma’s Covid-19 Vaccine Will Be Paid in Lives and in Billions of Dollars by Paul Craig Roberts.

and here is a very good article by “car man” Eric Peters The Sickness Gulag.

Dr Gary Kohls on the downside of wearing face masks in The Plandemic Facial Mask Issue.

The last of these articles is America Has Become A Powder Keg That Is Ready To Explode At Any Time by Michael Snyder.

Finally, here is a video about 25 minutes long by Dr Judy Mikovits entitled Plague of Corruption that has been deleted by social media platforms, in which she describes in graphic detail the widespread corruption of the Big Pharma industry and the medical profession that is behind the current Plandemic.

These articles and the video speak for themselves and I am not going to write anything here about the virus plandemic, as I had my say in COVID-19 - the BIGGEST HOAX IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD and with the work on the markets I simply don’t have time for it now, but I hope you find the above, which I am bringing to your attention in case you haven’t seen them, interesting and insightful.

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Look out for the update on the Precious Metals sector that will be posted later.

Posted at 4.55 pm EDT on 13th May 20.

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