originally published Wednesday, October 28, 2020

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I have to go into hospital today for some medical tests, so won’t be writing an article. In the meantime here are links to some interesting off topic articles, which are actually on topic to the extent that these things are affecting the markets.

First is a link to an important article by Gary Barnett Freedom is Strength. Gary has written a lot of important and illuminating articles on the virus scam that can easily be found on by going back to previous days, and it is easy to find them because there are not many articles per day, unlike say zerohedge.

As we know the virus story is a hoax, a scam, created to advance multiple agendas. Key to its acceptance is the fabrication and falsification of data and statistics on cases and deaths such as is happening right now to justify a 2nd wave of lockdowns, whose purpose is to destroy independent small businesses and to psychologically prepare the masses to accept being vaccinated. In a series of articles that can also be found on lewrockwell Jon Rappoport sets out how these statistics have been falsified, here is his latest, The Missing COVID Virus.

As some of you will recall Alex Jones of Infowars was smeared as a tin foil hat lunatic and deplatformed when the New World Order mobilized to control the internet. Here is an interesting new video by him in which he sounds sane and reasonable, titled Covid Virus Takeover Plan Setting Up Chinese Dictatorship Globally.

Here is an insightful article on what is driving Bill Gates, titled Vaccine Nation.

Read about the plan to control the whole world now being rolled out in Stop World Control. The video on the Homepage WARNING FOR HUMANITY is a must watch.

This is an interesting and plausible video about how this is playing out in Canada –Possible Leaked Roadmap.

I have already written about the nefarious reasons for forcing the population to wear masks all the time, but not only is prolonged mask wearing stupid, it is dangerous, especially for children, as set out in That Mask Is Giving You Lung Cancer.

Here is another good article about the Covidian Cult entitled The Cult of the Brave New Normal. This article brings to mind a key article that I linked to in one of my big Scamdemic Articles describing how the New World Order are using occult rituals to condition the masses entitled Exposing the Occult Corona-Initiation Ritual.

Lastly, and on a slightly lighter note we have the article UK Bans Sex For At-Risk Couples. This is rather funny, unless you are a victim of this lunacy. Note that Zerohedge appears to take at face value the reports of increased cases, which we know are fraudulent.

I hope you find all these articles and videos interesting and illuminating, and it will obviously “help the cause” if you pass them on. I have taken the password off to facilitate this. Obviously this is not the best day to post this with the stockmarket set to tank, but I have to go into hospital and will not be at my station until later.


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