originally published Tuesday, April 20, 2021

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Today I want to bring to your attention 3 of the most important videos that I have seen in my life. Some of you may have watched some or all of them of course, but probably most of you haven’t.

The first of these is a very clear and lucid video by David Icke taking apart the whole Covid fraud. After I posted a link to one of his videos before, someone wrote to advise me that I “damaged my credibility” by posting a link to one of his videos. Is that so? – as far as I’m concerned I’d be damaging my credibility a lot more by posting anything that CNN has to say about the Covid hoax. I know when I am being lied to, and I have known since early last year that this whole virus thing is a fraud and a hoax, and what Icke says in this video makes perfect sense to me (I’m not really interested in his comments on the Royal family in Britain that take up about the last 20% of it). Both Icke and Alex Jones of Infowars predicted what has been happening over the past 15 months many years ago, and of course they were derided by the mainstream media for their efforts, and the sheep were taught to label them as conspiracy theorist cranks – only trouble is that the conspiracy theories are now a reality that have ruined most peoples’ lives. Jones even brought out a video called “Endgame” describing what is going on now way back in 2006, and he has made a new batch of them and it can be bought at the Infowars.com store.

So here is Icke’s highly illuminating video…

Downplaying The “Vaccine” – What’s Really Going On”

Next we have the riveting follow up to Alex Jones’ Spars Pandemic expose, titled BOMBSHELL: MASSIVE VACCINE DAMAGE PREDICTED BY JOHNS HOPKINS SPARS SCENARIO If you didn’t watch the original expose, posted not long before this, a link to which was posted on the site, here is a link to it…

SPARS PANDEMIC 2025 – 2028 (2020 – 2013)

Lastly we have a most insightful video by Max Igan. Some of you might find the opening few minutes of a police officer hanging upside down from railings with his trousers down distasteful, if so simply skip past it, but be sure to listen to what Max Igan talks about as he strolls around his neighbourhood in Australia. That said, from what I know of some of you, you’ll find it hilarious. This video by Max Igan is not especially easy to access, because the New World Order have been aggressively censoring him for obvious reasons, and if you find it blocked, as they are blocking access to the site truthseeker.co.uk you will probably be able to access it through the search engine duckduckgo. In this video you will hear Max mention a promising Crypto called “piratechain” which could make huge gains from here as it is not old and long in the tooth like Bitcoin. Here is the Max Igan video…

The Agenda to Cull and Control

Each of these videos is longish, but well worth the time spent watching them, and of course you don’t have to watch them all at once. I understand that some of you may take the attitude “I’m not paying you Maund to read about and watch other people’s stuff” but this is such a pivotal time in world history and these videos are so important that I feel compelled to bring them to your attention, because if what’s going on now isn’t stopped and soon, there won’t be a future for any of us, regardless of how much money we make in the markets, unless you are actually one of the New World Order, in which case sir (or madam) I thank you for your patronage.

If any of you have been foolish enough to take the vaccines – I mean experimental gene “therapies” – all is not lost and some advice can be found in HOW TO SAVE THE LIFE OF A FAMILY MEMBER WHO TOOK VAX. Thousands have been killed already by these vaccines, and hundreds of thousands injured, and it’s going to get a lot worse – but don’t expect to hear much about it on the mainstream media.

I trust you will understand the reasons for this diversion and hope that you will find these videos interesting and enlightening (if you haven’t already seen them) and we will now return to our normal subject matter. If you agree that these videos are important, then do please spread them around, the password has been taken off to facilitate this.

Later addition on the 21st April – watched another great video by David Icke last night entitled Freemasonry, Secret Societies & The “Pandemic” which is well worth taking the time to see.

An afterthought – dwelling on this stuff all the time can get you down so I would like to remind all of you that one thing you can do if you are subjected to New World Order lockdowns, whose unstated purpose is to destroy privately owned businesses and make people dependent on the State, is to view the wonderful range of drone videos that have been created over the past 5 to 10 years, which enable you to see places that you may know or have visited from a different perspective. Here is one shot near to where I used to live in southern Germany showing Neuschwanstein Castle, which is the one that inspired the Disneyland castles. I know it well having been on a 4-hour private tour of it and have flown over it with a paraglider.

Posted at 1.40 pm EDT on 20th April 21.

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