originally published Sunday, April 25, 2021

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There are a number of off-topic articles and videos that I would like to bring to your attention that I found to be interesting and of value, in case you haven’t seen them, because the more people who understand what is going on, the better it will be for all of us.

Here is a very interesting article by Bill Sardi about unrecognized and widespread Vitamin B1 deficiency that causes beriberi and has been exacerbated by the living conditions being imposed on the bulk of the population during this extraordinary time…

The Grim Reaper

Now, a sobering article by Gary Barnett entitled The Next Phase of This Fake Pandemic Will be Mass Murder By Vaccine.

Next is a video in which among other things describes an astounding revelation in a book published way back in 1981 by a member of the New World Order that describes how the public will in the future be invited to kill themselves by means of vaccination. To listen to this go to and scroll down to find the video titled SHEDDING / LOCKDOWN NEWS ROUNDUP posted on 22nd April and go 5.50 into it.

Also in Hugotalks is an amusing short video about ex UK Prime Minister Tony Blair getting involved in pushing vaccines titled Tony’s NOT HAPPY. Hugo makes the point that Tony doesn’t look happy, which is obvious, despite his having acquired all the money and power he craved. This could perhaps have something to do with him being involved in setting up the killing of hundreds of thousands of people on false pretenses, including many children, to achieve his ends. Perhaps it’s starting to bother him as he gets older. In this video Hugo works on improving his appearance, but the original is even more frightening.

Here is an excellent video by David Icke who clearly, after many years of studying the subject, has a perfect grasp of the New World Order’s plans for humanity. Dismissed as a nut case by the simple minded sheeple for most of that time, he now looks like a prophet. The video is called Beyond Classified and is longish but well worth watching and he produced another one a few days ago that is equally worth watching called Fascism or Football.

In the video THE SPIKE PROTEINS ARE A BIOWEAPON Dr Larry Palevsky makes it clear in no uncertain terms just how dangerous the vaccines are.

As if all this isn't enough there exists the possibility of a global cyber pandemic instigated by the New World Order for the purpose of collapsing the world economy even more rapidly in order to create the chaos which will facilitate a more rapid Great Reset. Cyber Polygon 2021 , scheduled for July, might presage a cyber attack just as Event 201 presaged the virus outbreak. If so, this development could happen soon after the cyber attack simulation in July - something to watch out for - make local backups of cloud based data beforehand!

Lastly, for a bit of light relief from the grim information linked above, relatively speaking that is, we have Warning! The Fake Alien Invasion Threat is Real. The first time I watched this I was tired and it didn't really sink in what they were talking about, but the 2nd time I watched it the penny dropped. Could they do this? - it seems outlandish, and I doubt if the technology for it exists, but what we do know is that if they could do it and it would advance their agenda, then they would, for if the past 16 months have proved anything, it is that they are totally ruthless in pursuit of their objectives, and they couldn’t resist the opportunity to zap and wipe out some major centers of population like Mumbai or Tokyo thus advancing their depopulation agenda, especially as they could blame it on the alien invaders. I must say that I am intrigued by the Nazi flying saucer in this film - the neighbors would certainly be impressed if you returned home in that. Don't let this sci-fi like video trivialize the deadly serious, important and totally down to Earth material linked above.


There was what may have been the biggest political demonstration of all time in London yesterday, which was completely blanked by the mainstream media who pretended it never took place, kind of like you would expect, but this event was covered by Hugo Talks in his video MSM COMPLETELY IGNORE LONDON MARCH TO FREEDOM.

Finally, if you want to see a strong woman in action, watch Leigh Dundas in FREEDOM RISING OVER THE 4TH REICH. If only 2% of people had the strength and courage of this woman, the NWO would be beaten back into the shadows from which they emerged late in 2019 and life could start to return to normal.


A subscriber brought my attention to a most important video that I had not seen, which features an interview with the prominent virologist Dr Geert Vanden Bossche. I found the earlier part of it somewhat hard to follow, but after the 37th minute it becomes crystal clear. Dr Bossche’s conclusions are dire, but he stops short of making the final connection that all of this was deliberate. The video is called Warning!! – Huge Vaccine Disaster Ahead…

If you agree with me about the importance of the information contained in the articles and videos included here, then please pass this on to as many people as you can think of - the password has been taken off to make this easier.


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