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originally published Sunday, June 27, 2021

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Like most people in my generation I never thought that I would live to see another mass psychosis / mass extermination event like the 1st or 2nd World War or Stalin’s purges or Pol Pot’s “killing fields”, yet here we go again as history repeats itself, and what is building now looks set to dwarf those previous episodes, with billions set to die if current trends continue, and this time it will be very different because it is truly global in scale and because of the biological mass assault on the population that will leave many of those who survive it as ravaged zombies. With the New World Order planning to sweep away all free speech on the internet – perhaps soon as a consequence of a programmed cyberattack after the upcoming Cyber Polygon event written about on the site yesterday, the time left to find out as much about all this as you can on the internet may be limited. So you should attempt to arm yourself with information as fast as you can. To assist you in this I am sharing with you today some of the most interesting videos that I have viewed over the past week or two, mostly on bitchute.com with some on Infowars. Note that most of these videos are not hard to watch – some of them are very entertaining. More will be added to this list later today or tomorrow, as I have to go out soon, and haven’t got time to include them all before I go, and by the way, we will also be looking at the latest silver chart, separately of course. Here are links to the videos. Note that some of these videos have buffering problems that cause them to pause without warning which is a nuisance but it’s worth persevering.

Here is another good video from Max Igan entitled WE ARE AT WAR, THIS IS NOT A DRILL in which he includes a segment quite early in it about the graphene contaminant in masks swabs and the shots. This one is quite long and has some buffering problems but is worth watching.

IT WAS NEVER GOING TO BE JUST A FEW DAYS (poetic truths from a young woman).

DO NOT COMPLY (includes STRONG woman in Canada from 8.38 telling you how to be resolute in not complying).

This video takes apart a charlatan pro-vaccine preacher which is amusing if you have time to listen to it and ends with an important message.

This video exposes an 82% miscarriage rate for pregnant women vaccinated in the 1st 2 trimesters of pregnancy.

Professor Michel Chossudovsky describes the Covid-19 story as a "pack of lies" and it is worth listening through all of this.

If you have been dumb enough to get vaccinated, or someone you know has, according to Dr Judy Mikovits in this very short video, there is an antidote, Suramin that can greatly mitigate its effects.

This important video makes clear that the entire vaccine agenda is a massive fraud involving collusion between Big Pharma and governments worldwide.

In this most interesting and rather alarming video Stew Peters interviews Dr Jane Ruby about the British Airways pilots dying after getting the shot.

On a lighter note, for those of you interested in crypto, we have the Floyd coin.

In this blunt video Stew Peters makes it crystal clear how the vaccines are killing young people.

This most interesting video describes the New World Order's plans for a digital identity system and population control network.

In this amusing video a young guy boards a London underground train and bullhorns the mask wearing morons on it. The highlight is at the end when he gets off and yells "Morons!" at them through the bullhorn as the train pulls out of the station.

This varied video starts with the night the final vestiges of freedom quietly died in Canada, and includes why you should use duckduckgo as a search engine, not Google, and how the next flu season is going to wipe out a lot of the vaccinated because of their compromised immune systems.

In this important video Dr Vernon Coleman states that most habitual mask wearers will be dead or demented in 10 years.

While Brother Bugnolo's message in this frightening video is thought to be broadly correct, as set out in the following video by Mike R, they may stagger the active shots to achieve a higher net uptake, so people may take longer to die.

Mike R in WHY THE VAXXED ARE ACTING STRANGE AND WHY IT WILL GET WORSE talks about how the vaccinated are being infected with Prion Disease which leads to CJD and Mad Cow, and interestingly he sets out how they are being sophisticated in rolling it out, postulating that the 1st round of the vaccine rollout has 20% of the shots being active and the remaining 80% being placebos, and the 2nd round being 40% active and so on. The reason for this approach is so that the 80% of the mugs who got the 1st shot and aren't affected by it happily go back to take the 2nd and 3rd, thus ensuring a bigger uptake in the end.

This video exposes the Delta variant scam in an amusing way that will later be used as an excuse to lockdown America again (and other countries).

This woman makes clear the illegality of what is going on and what apathy will lead to.

In this illuminating video Chris Sky describes how Canada is going full communist with free speech now dead.

In this amusing video, the graph says it all, there is isn't any need for commentary, so they have a bit of a celebration.




Talking to Morons lining up for vaccine at Twickenham - nice try but she's evidently wasting her time.

Woman turns into a magnet.

Nuremburg 2 by Greg Reese ...The only problem is finding a legal system or jury that hasn't been corrupted by the New World Order, and that won't prove to be easy. The only solution will probably be for the public to create their own court.

Blood before and after MRNA shot.

In ALMOST EVERYONE IS GOING TO DIE IN THIS NWO RESET we see how people of color are targeted for extermination, which is no surprise.

This interesting if difficult to understand video explains how the vaccines are engineered to cause blood clotting - HERE'S WHY WE SEE MASSIVE BLOOD CLOTTING IN THE VACCINATED.



In this video Dr Pierre Kory highlights the benefits of Ivermectin and calls out Merck's lies about it aimed at stopping its use.

The very important video THEY'RE STEALING EVERYTHING sets out how the NWO are stealing everything by buying up all Real Estate using created money in order to squeeze out private ownership.

The following 2 videos on masks are rather long but look well worth watching – I haven’t had time to watch them completely yet…

Masks part 1

Masks part 2

Finally we end with some "gallows humor" with this video which highlights how Britain is planning ahead for excess deaths by making arrangements for storing the corpses.

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