originally published Tuesday, July 20, 2021

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We have come to the end of a Grand Supercycle that was marked by both debt and population being stretched to their absolute limits. With the debt bubble set to implode after a desperate last gasp run into hyperinflation, the world population which had been enabled to grow to extreme levels by debt expansion, is set to crash and it is clear from their actions of the past couple of years that the ruling elites have decided to take full control of this process and accelerate it dramatically with lockdowns designed to destroy the world economy and a genocidal forced experimental mRNA gene therapy program intended to eliminate a large percentage of the world population.

2021 will go down as one of the darkest, if not THE darkest year in the entire history of the human race for this is the year when the narrow clique of plutocrats who have acquired immense wealth and influence and now control the planet actively implement their long formulated plan to exterminate a large percentage of the population and transform those who survive into compliant transhuman slave bots who can be remotely controlled, with ownership of the assets of the entire population being in due course transferred to the elite ruling class.

Human history and not just human history but the history of the world itself is defined by epochs which are long periods having unique characteristics that don’t change very much, which eventually end by transitioning into another epoch, sometimes suddenly, a simple example being the epoch of the dinosaurs being abruptly ended by the impact of a massive meteor. We have just witnessed the end of such an epoch which ran from the end of the 2nd World War up to the end of 2019 when it was terminated by the activation of the global elites’ Master Plan. This last epoch which ran for almost 75 years was an era of unprecedented freedom peace and prosperity for many, especially across the Western world, that has now ended, and we are now in a cathartic transition phase into a new epoch that many will not live to see. The precipitating factors leading to this transition are the critical instability resulting from a global economy fuelled by unsustainable debt expansion coupled with massive overpopulation which are both set to implode and collapse. What is happening is that the global ruling class have decided to take control of this implosion and collapse, hence their euphemistic, lofty and endearing term for it “The Great Reset”. What we are now seeing unfold is the collapse of civilization into a barbaric brutal dystopia, with the resurrection of a feudal society which in many respects will be much worse than the Middle Ages because of the level of control available to the ruling class through technology that will allow round the clock non-stop control of the minds and bodies of the surviving peasants. If Kenneth Clarke were still around he could make a sequel to his epic TV series called “Civilization” which would be named “The Collapse of Civilization” although it probably wouldn’t need to run to 13 episodes like the original.

In this article I am going to refrain from adopting the usual “them and us” approach which is the custom of most writers and instead attempt to adopt an impartial objective approach as if we are curious visitors from another planet attempting to figure out what is going on. Thus, we will strive to see things from the perspective of those in control of society and also from the larger perspective of the Earth itself and the future of its plants and animals and general ecosystems. Henceforth we will refer to the elite ruling class of plutocrats as the NWO, short for New World Order both for brevity and because that is what they have long stated that they want to create.

What are the origins of the current chaos? - after all the world didn't rack up the crushing and destabilizing debt mountain and derivative positions overnight. The start point for all this was the creation of the Federal Reserve way back in 1913, so we have been moving towards the current situation for no less than 108 years. Behind the facade of its fine sounding name the Federal Reserve is not federal at all but is a private racket that enables those who run it to gift themselves unlimited wealth and stick society at large with the bill in the form of depreciation of the purchasing power of the currency, a process they were able to ramp up first by means of making the US dollar the global reserve currency after the 2nd World War which gave them the ability to create gargantuan quantities of money to swap for the goods and services produced by the rest of the world without depreciation of the currency and then latterly remove all restraint by taking the dollar off the gold standard in 1971. It was President Woodrow Wilson who betrayed the United States (and the world) by allowing the Federal Reserve to come into being and I recently watched a video called TITANIC DECEPTION which said that the reason for the sinking of the Titanic was to take the opponents of the bill to create the Federal Reserve down to Davy Jones locker, which would of course eliminate their opposition.

The more debt the Fed creates the greater its power, but at the same time it, and the other Central Banks around the world that it has spawned, have ballooned debt to unsustainable levels, culminating with the massive amounts of money created over the past couple of years to shore things up as the NWO engage in their controlled demolition of the world economy and society. Right now, as things collapse they are buying everything up. Like Blackrock buying vast tracks of residential property, and, as they create the money out of thin air, they don’t care what it costs. Blackrock and Vanguard appear to be massive front organizations through which the Fed is buying up the world with oceans of Fed created cash to the tune of many trillions. Because this immense cash infusion and buying would normally trigger hyperinflation, the demand bulge created by the Fed's money creation is offset by killing the velocity of money, achieved via the lockdowns and the destruction of small and medium-sized businesses. This is a big reason for the lockdowns which is understood by only a tiny fraction of the population. The other big reason of course is training the people for later permanent and total martial law.

In addition to being parasitized by the Fed with its inflation engine, that has reduced the buying power of the dollar by about 98% since it came into existence, the US has been bled white by the Military – Industrial complex, another self-serving engine of wealth transfer, which helps to justify its massive budget, now approaching US$1 trillion a year, by starting wars and invading countries and promoting terrorism, and by the overweening gigantic pharmaceutical industry, whose power has grown to the point that it is now vying with the Military – Industrial complex for top spot on the league table for the amount of resources it consumes. Having bought off almost all governments and politicians, education systems, the judiciaries and the medical profession around the world, it has arrived at its ultimate goal through its puppets of being able to make the repeat use of its products mandatory whilst at the same time getting the taxpayer to foot the bill for their development. This ultimate goal involves the forced imposition of experimental mRNA gene therapies on the entire population of the world and this happens to dovetail nicely with the NWO’s plans to eliminate most of the world’s population. The forced experimental mRNA gene therapy injections once established will continue with endless booster shots that produce a non-stop gravy train of revenue for Big Pharma. It is important to understand that Big Pharma are essentially drug pushers, no different in principle from the Mexican drug lords, except that they have the power to buy off governments and judiciaries to the extent that they can force their product onto the population, The Mexican drug gangs are “a lemonade stand” in comparison to the Big Pharma racket.

A central theme of the current crisis is that it has been precipitated by the NWO’s decision to deal with the problem of human overpopulation head on by means of genocide. The NWO are making a big deal of “climate change” but this is thought to be a ruse to facilitate their massive power grab and enable them to introduce or perpetuate draconian legislation. What cannot be disputed however is that the now huge human overpopulation is devastating the planet, stark examples being the ongoing destruction of the Amazon rainforest by greedy and predatory human beings and the degradation of the oceans as a result of them being used as a vast rubbish dump and filled with plastics and other waste and in addition being overfished. Quite obviously, the bigger the population the worse these problems become. The simplest and by far the most effective solution therefore is to greatly reduce the population. Prince Phillip of Britain, in sympathy with the natural world, joked that he would like to be reincarnated as a virus that would wipe out most of the world’s population. Well, I can assure you that the Covid isn’t him, because he died after it started, and anyway it’s not the virus that will wipe out billions of people, it’s the injection with poisonous substances.

When I left school many years ago, overpopulation was already a problem and the world population has doubled or almost trebled since then. I remember when young couples had more children and you were supposed to congratulate them and perhaps make cooing noises at the baby, but privately I was thinking “Oh God, not another one” and I imagined all the farm animals that would have to live wretched lives and be slaughtered and the trees that would be cut down to feed the growing needs of the rapacious infant and all the millions like it. If I switched on the radio and heard that a Bengal Tiger had died, I would be much more concerned than if I heard that 50 million Indians had died – why? – because there are only about 5,000 Bengal Tigers in existence and in contrast about 1,300 million Indians, that’s why. Individually, there are many Indians I like, I have been there and met them, but there are too many of them – the number of people in India is horrifying to any thinking person, and many Indians agree with me. At the end of the 2nd World War there were 300 million people in India so the population has quadrupled since then. The result is that the ecosystems of India are breaking down under the strain, so that the deserts of Rajasthan, for example, are spreading. Were this to spread into the Ganges basin the result would be catastrophic. So the best thing that could happen in India is a drastic reduction in population, not just for the Bengal Tigers and other wildlife but for the future welfare of Indians themselves, and this is a story repeated across all of the globe.

What is going on now is that the NWO have decided to “grasp the nettle” and take control of the situation and rather than let the human population continue to expand with all the further degradation and misery that this would lead to, they are stepping in not just to curtail and reverse population growth, but to drastically reduce the population over the short to medium-term. The big question is how much to reduce it? I have read somewhere that the maximum population that the planet can sustain without long-term damage is 1.5 billion, and with the world population now at 8 billion, and still rising at least until recently, this means that, if this is true, there are 6.5 billion too many people on the planet. We can assume that the NWO know this and therefore that they plan to get of at least this number of people, and if they are following the Georgia Guidestones, which can be regarded as the “10 Commandments” of the NWO, and stipulate that the world population should be maintained at around 500 million, it means that they will be aiming to exterminate 7.5 billion people, which is more than 93% of the world population.

The biggest obstacle to the NWO’s goal of eliminating at least 80% of the world population is of course that most people want to live. Forcibly exterminating them the old fashioned way by means of mass slayings using firing squads or even machine guns etc. or in giant death factory camps is not the preferred method in the earlier stages of the campaign because this would be too obvious and even the stupidest of the masses would figure it out and it would quickly generate widespread revolt. No – a much better method is to figure out a way to get many of them to commit suicide on a grand scale. Not only is this much more effective but it makes the logistics much easier to manage. After all, it’s a huge undertaking killing about 6 billion people, it’s an operation that needs to be staggered somewhat. The beauty of what is now being implemented, from the protagonists point of view, is that you don’t even have to round most of them up or make home visits – they voluntarily surrender themselves to be killed, which certainly reduces the workload. However, to implement a Master Plan of this magnitude, you have to have almost complete control of all sources of information that the masses regularly turn to – television, radio, newspapers magazines and mainstream media websites etc. and in addition everyone in authority has to be “in on it” – governments, the legal system. the medical profession and major institutions such as the WHO and the UN etc. and all these organizations work in unison to dupe the public. The reason that all these bodies are completely corrupted so that they can be used in this way is simple – money. They are all bought off, bribed and in some cases subjected to blackmail. This requires oceans of cash, but that’s no problem for Central Banks who are at the center of the web who have created the fiat money system which enables them to buy off anything and anyone. Those who still refuse to “play ball” are murdered like a number of Presidents notably the President of Tanzania, and any high court judges who insist on standing in the way are likely to find themselves floating face down in a river or sinking quickly in a “concrete overcoat”. Finally, for all this to work, the majority of the population has to be gullible, ignorant and willfully stupid and fortunately – again from the protagonists point of view – they are. The truth is out there, you can still find out what is really going on if you want to, at least until the NWO wipe out the few truth tellers which is likely to happen soon, but the general public are too dumbed down, insouciant and lazy to seek it out.

As already mentioned above we are now in the transition phase to a new epoch that will be characterized by a vastly reduced population. 2019 was the last year of the earlier epoch, of the normality that we knew that will never return, although many fools think that it will. Towards the end of 2019 the NWO, after years of preparation, fired the starting gun that set in motion the timeline that is now unfolding with their release of the virus, or at least purported release of the virus. 2020 was the year of "shock and awe” when the general population were bludgeoned into submission by a relentless blitzkrieg of lies, disinformation and propaganda which due to their hopeless ignorance they fell for hook line and sinker, a process greatly assisted by carefully crafted occult rituals involving forced confinement, endless hand washing, masking and physical separation designed to amplify their distress and paranoia. This softened them up for what is taking place this year, 2021, which will go down in history as the year of “The Great Poisoning” when the majority of the population will be injected with a noxious concoction that is set to kill most of them, some quickly, some more slowly, sterilize both men and women, and turn the survivors into a horde of semi-lobotomized 5G controlled zombies who will eventually be transported to high tech tightly controlled urban ghettoes to be used as a slave labor force by the NWO. The virus is the bait, hyped up by governments, the medical profession and the media and blown out of all proportion to scare the masses into witless submission to the experimental mRNA gene therapy campaign, and as we have seen it has worked.

The race is now on to get as many people injected with the lethal and transforming concoction as fast as possible before more of the masses wake up to what is being done to them. After all, killing a billion or two won’t cut it, it’s simply not enough. There would still be too many people around and they might start breeding and pushing numbers up again. Killing a billion or two would only create massive logistical problems without the desired benefits (by the NWO) of a low population. So they are really “going for broke” now. The kill target is probably at least 6 billion.

The lethal injection campaign is proceeding in distinct phases. The first phase involved the injection of the dumbest most clueless part of the population who believe anything they see on television and mindlessly do whatever the government tells them to do. This actually comprises a large part of the population, varying by country from 40% to 60%. This is the easy part. The next stage involves cajoling the somewhat more intelligent and more doubtful into getting the jab. This involves rigging the data to make it looks like the experimental mRNA gene therapies are working, applying peer group pressure – “Oh, everybody’s getting it so I might as well.” – cheap bribes in the form of free beer, doughnuts or chipotles etc. or the prospect of being able to travel and so on and this then leads into the coercion phase. The coercion phase, which we are now in, involves telling people that they will lose their job if they don’t get the lethal shot and will have their children taken away, or that they won’t be allowed into certain public places such as concerts or sports venues. This will eventually become much more severe with those who are now termed “unvaxxed” being denied access to bank accounts and not being able to enter stores etc. Here it’s worth mentioning that the teams of psychologists on the NWO’s payroll have come up with an interesting term for people who hold out against taking the shot, who are described as “vaccine hesitant”. The implication of this derogatory term is that the person is a dithering idiot who can’t make up his or her mind, when the reality is that they probably understand what the game is and Just Say No.

The ongoing meek submission of the majority of the population to the NWO’s dictates means that this juggernaut is going to keep on rolling. The millions of people marching in big cities at the weekends protesting won’t make any difference. The NWO and their mainstream media simply ignore them. The truth is that most of the people involved in these marches are still sheep, cossetted by being part of a crowd. During the week they are back wearing masks and washing hands to get into stores – until they display individual courage and start taking a stand in their personal lives and start organizing with those around them this will not be stopped. After the coercive phase comes forced compliance. Anyone who does not submit to the lethal injections can eventually expect either a Gestapo-like visit at their home where they will be held down and forcibly jabbed or they will be dragged off to a concentration camp, euphemistically called a “quarantine center” where they will be probably be killed or worked to death, as the idea is to get the population down, so there’s no point in feeding idle dissidents. These places are already in existence or being constructed in Canada, Australia and New Zealand and the UK, and already exist in the US as a massive network of FEMA camps, that are ready and waiting to receive inmates. By this time all those remaining dissenting voices on the internet will have been silenced. The recent Cyber Polygon conference, which is an example of “predictive programming” is expected to be followed before too long by cyberattack “false flags” that will be used as an excuse to overhaul the internet so that you have to log in to use it. Then, and once you have your universal ID and the social credit score system is in place, you will be heavily penalized if you visit “non-approved” websites, which in any event will be driven off the internet and those who run them will be hunted down and either incarcerated or killed and probably both. Once that happens you won’t be able to stay informed except by means of old-fashioned clandestine printing presses and material being physically passed around, and even this will be extremely difficult with everyone and everything being monitored and surveilled.

International travel for the masses will soon be just a memory. The NWO do not approve of ordinary people travelling at all because it uses resources and increases their “carbon footprint”. With respect to this the airline industry has been caught in a classic “catch 22” dilemma. First, eager to please the NWO masters in order to “get back to normal” as soon as possible, they forced passengers to wear masks and went along with insisting that travellers have proof of submission to experimental mRNA gene therapies or a recent Covid test and forced their pilots to take the shots. But unfortunately, because these bioweapons cause blood clots they found that passengers are dropping dead at high altitudes, which means that they are now looking at banning people who have had the shots from travelling. Worse still is that otherwise healthy pilots are dropping dead too after being forced to accept the shots in order to keep working, which is kind of off-putting to would be travellers. This is all music to the NWO’s ears, as it will help to end travel for the masses. The NWO travel in their private aircraft and do not have to take the shots and of course bypass immigration protocols. Not only that but private motoring by the masses is scheduled to be phased out, a stage in the process being the shift to very expensive EV’s. The increasing cost of private transport and more stringent regulations will force ordinary citizens off the road – if they travel at all in the future it will be by public transport.

It is important to understand that the drive to depopulate the planet is proceeding using a number of different vectors. Whilst the most important is clearly the lethal injections, there are others such as the supply chain disruptions aggravated of course by lockdowns and upcoming forced starvation. Another reason for the lockdowns, mask wearing and social isolation, in addition to the goal of making as many people sick as possible, is to maximize frustration and paranoia in order to create a “pressure cooker” effect so that eventually people explode, as we have seen happening in South Africa with widespread rioting and looting. This will provide the NWO with the perfect excuse to transform the lockdowns into permanent Martial Law and the rioting and looting also wreck the infrastructure that supports life, which furthers the goal of killing as many people as possible – with their immune systems wrecked by the experimental mRNA gene therapies, the further weakening induced by poverty and stress, will lead to more and more succumbing and dying. Already in many countries such as India and the US, food is being prevented from reaching the population. In India crops are simply not transported and left to rot, whilst in the US farmers are being paid to destroy their crops. Bill Gates and other billionaires have bought huge tracts of farmland in the US part of the reason being to take them out of production to further the food crisis, the better to starve the population. Finally, as part of their asset stripping operation, the NWO are stoking hyperinflation around the world by means of massive money creation, which will further the eventual transfer of all private property to the elites and leave the general population destitute when the global economy eventually implodes during the vaunted “Great Reset”. When the World Economic Forum said “You will own nothing” they meant it. As it says it the Armstrong Economics article Spain Revealing the Totalitarian Future for All “In the event that a state of crisis is declared in Spain (“situation of interest to National Security” is the name given by law), the authorities may also proceed to the temporary seizure of all types of property, at the intervention or provisional occupation of those that are necessary or the suspension of all kinds of activities. That is so vague it will allow the government to seize all your bank accounts and even your home – PERIOD!” This amounts to outright Grand Larceny on an epic scale but don’t expect the law to do anything about it as the government is above the law. Since we can expect this to spread to many other countries meaning that the State can seize any and all property on a whim, it becomes easy to see how the NWO are going to rob citizens of all their private property.

What sort of world is envisaged by the architects of The Great Reset in the wake of the genocide? It will be a two-tier high-tech feudal society, with the NWO ruling the planet like medieval robber barons. What is left of the general population will be genetically modified mind-controlled transhuman pseudo-zombies who will be permitted to exist as slaves to serve the whims of their masters. Since their limited thought processes will be both monitored and controlled by means of chips and implants hooked up to the 5G network, they will probably be incapable of independent thought. These android like beings will be swept up and concentrated in high-tech densely packed heavily surveilled urban ghettoes where they will be put to work or terminated, while the ruling class will live lives of resplendent luxury on their huge country estates, replete with an army of android servants and private security. They will have private airstrips of course so that people like Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos and Jeffrey Epstein (you thought he was dead?) and Leonardo de Caprio can have get-togethers where they fondly reminisce about how they conspired to bring about The Great Reset. Joe Biden and Klaus Schwab will probably have passed on by this time, otherwise they would be guests of honor, but their pictures will hang on the walls. Apart from the “country seats” of the ruling class, the countryside will largely be allowed to return to nature, which will breathe a huge sigh of relief having been freed from the destructive burden of countless millions of greedy voracious human beings. Vast tracts of suburbia, once so highly prized, will become deserted and overgrown, with neatly manicured lawns that used to be regularly dosed with glyphosate and Roundup turning first to scrub and then to woodland. Suburban properties will become worthless and slowly decay and disappear. It will take hundreds of years for nature to even partly reverse the damage caused by humankind and many species forced into extinction will never return. The NWO will have created a utopia, for themselves, and be able to look out over a world largely stripped of human beings in which nature will be able to slowly recover. They will be able to excuse their lives of opulence and resplendent luxury on the grounds that there are so few of them. Work will be done either by robots or the few humans that survive as compliant man-machine hybrids.

In the Spiderman movies, Spiderman is often reminded that “Great power brings great responsibility” and the NWO elites may feel that they have been chosen by God (or more likely Satan) or the fates to undertake the grim task of saving the world from the teeming throngs of humanity whose feckless and thoughtless procreation has created the crushing hordes that are wrecking the planet. After decades of meticulous planning and shaping of events and developments they have swung into action like the grim reaper with his scythe to “get the job done”.

There are other aspects of the great changes that are going on now that I have not seen discussed much elsewhere. According to Elliott Wave theory we are at the end of a “Grand Supercycle” where everything is as extended as it can possibly get and then comes crashing down. Even if we only apply conventional Technical Analysis that we use with stockmarkets etc. we see that the long-term chart for population growth looks like a blowoff top. Typically just before such blowoff tops you see pundits talking about ever higher levels as we have recently seen with predictions for Bitcoin to reach $200,000. Thus we have had the projection for the world population to reach about 11 billion by the middle of this century, but with global debt reaching really dangerous levels and becoming critically unstable, what we are about to see is a concomitant debt implosion and population crash, which the NWO have decided to manage and turn to their advantage as ever – not hard as they planned the whole thing anyway.

There are other more esoteric aspects to what is going on now that are worth touching on briefly. With the complete collapse of ethics and morality across the Western World, decadence and degeneracy are rampant across all social strata – all that matters is money and it doesn’t matter how you get it. Freaks and perverts have come out of the shadows and gained power and are now even directing policy, especially in the US. I have heard reports to the effect that President Biden is already dead and what you are seeing is a hologram. True or not, he comes across as a decrepit senile old crook and pedophile, hardly an inspiring figure, but certainly apt for the “end times” when the US will collapse into obscurity. The unforgettable clip of him stumbling up the steps of Airforce 1 says it all.

Christians amongst you will surely recognize the epoch we are now entering as the “end times” described in the "Book of Revelations”. What I was implying above is that by their thoughts and actions, the ordinary population at large are complicit in what is going on. Millions of people sit at home watching movies on services like Netflix, but a great many of these movies which are listed under the euphemistic title of “Action” movies are violent in the extreme and involve perversion of one kind or another, and the viewing public lasciviously lap them up, not realizing that they are polluting their minds and spirits with this filth, and in so doing are invoking divine retribution. They think they can sit at home in comfort and watch this stuff endlessly with impunity, but pretty soon the Gods are going to come down hard on them, in effect saying “You like watching it? – now try living it!!” as they lose their jobs, their incomes, their capital due to hyperinflation, their health and possibly their lives to the vaccines and the rampaging hordes of destitute zombies that will eventually be on the march, as we have just seen in South Africa.

Regardless of your religious or philosophical beliefs, the widespread decadence and degeneracy which involves, in addition to the consumption of violent movies as mentioned above, such things as brutal and cynical child abuse and the exploitation of animals that are raised in concentration camp conditions and the pillaging of the natural world have “angered the Gods” who are now about to wreak a terrible revenge on humanity as the biggest cull in the history of the world unfolds.

For reasons that are not clear to me, the principal targets for the cull now in its earliest stages are white Christians, which is apparently why deagel.com has been predicting massive declines in the population of countries like the Germany, the UK and US by the end of 2025, of the order of 80% in the case of the latter 2. Again for reasons that are unclear to me, Chile, where I live, is set to escape relatively unscathed, according to deagel, and I can only speculate that in addition to the country being Hispanic, the Chinese want Chile’s copper, gold and lithium and will permit the population to survive for now in order to produce it. Although heavily vaccinated, the vaccine most in Chile are being administered with is the Chinese vaccine Sinovac, and so far it doesn’t seem to be killing many people, so perhaps it is relatively harmless or a placebo, although this may later change with booster shots. While on the subject of Chile, I will point out that not 1 in a thousand of them understand what all this is about. They automatically believe anything they see on the television and line up like sheep to get the shots and they all wear masks without question. Consequently they will be very easy to cull later, if the NWO so decide. Strange also is that deagel has India’s population not changing very much which is very odd as you would think that India would be a major target of the NWO for depopulation.

On the subject of masks. They are of course a fraud and offer no protection, and so the number of people who wear them without question is a testament to how many gullible and stupid people there are in the world. The masks are a submission ritual, designed to condition people to accept orders, however ridiculous, in order to soften them up to submit to the vaccinations, and are a key part of a larger occult ritual of transformation. They are also designed to damage the health of those who wear them, which will make it easier to kill them. We now live in a world where most men are wimps and wusses, or less politely “pussies”, made so by years of easy living and female hormones in food etc. and of course the feminist movement. Can you imagine anyone trying to make the Vikings in Norway wear masks a thousand years ago? – they would quickly chop them into pieces with their double-headed axes, or the tough Australian men just a hundred years ago – it wouldn’t happen. Most modern men don’t have the fortitude to resist tyranny, so tyranny is what they are going to get – they don’t even defend their children from this mask abuse.

How long will the destructive phase of this cycle, which has already started and will involve economic collapse and a vast reduction in the population, actually go on for? Astrology can help us here. You may recall that I posted an article in March of 2020 when the “shock and awe” campaign was at it peak, drawing attention to the powerful stellium or grouping of planets in Capricorn at that time, which was quite a sight in the night sky. One of these planets was Pluto, which may be summarized astrologically as “the lord of destruction”. It represents an unstoppable primal force that lays waste to everything so that it may be rebuilt from the ground up, kind of like the Phoenix rising from the ashes. When the NWO, who have decided to take charge of this process, use the fine sounding phrase “Build back better” they of course mean better for themselves, since most everyone else will be dead, with the survivors being turned into transhuman slaves. It remains to be seen whether they will be able to maintain control as all this goes down. Pluto, which represents an unstoppable cathartic force of destruction, is now in the last 5 degrees of Capricorn (30 degrees in total), and since Capricorn represents, among other things, societal structures, this explains why, in Astrological terms, everything is being torn down. When does Pluto finish traversing Capricorn and leave to enter Aquarius? – at the end of 2024, which strongly suggests that this destructive phase will continue until then and this fits “hand in glove” with the NWO’s already published roadmap. In other words we have three and a half years of absolute hell to look forward to, with economic and societal collapse and billions of people being killed by the vaccines and the coming planned starvation and general anarchy. It’s going to be tough, but as the NWO would probably say “Hey – you don’t make an omelette without breaking eggs.”

It is important to give credit where it’s due. The NWO are not simply abandoning the planet to its fate and going off to live on a giant luxurious space station like they do in the film Elyssium, where the teaming hordes are left to eke out a precarious existence on an overpopulated dog eat dog world overseen by brutal robots. They are adopting a much more “hands on” approach and taking bold and decisive action to solve the overpopulation problem by quickly killing off most of the population, so that nature will then have a chance to recover. On an objective intellectual level I understand what they are doing and why, even though it means that I and most of the people who will read this will be dead in a few years. As Mike Adams of Natural News sets out in his recent podcast, they are already talking about sending out “death squads” in the US to go round and forcibly vaccinate the unvaxxed with the death shot or drag them off to FEMA camps where they will doubtless meet an untimely end. Either way they will be killed – if they try to forcibly resist they will be shot.

The success of the NWO’s grandiose plans depends to a very large extent on the majority of the population being gullible, ignorant and willfully stupid, and as we know they are which is why about 50% of them rushed to get the death shot without a thought, and to the extent that they are it can be argued that they deserve the fate that is about to befall them, and as far as the NWO are concerned they certainly do. The NWO consider them, not without some justification it has to be said, to be expendable “untermensch”. In effect, if you say to these people “Will you take an experimental injection that could kill you to protect you from a virus that has a 99% survival rate?” they will say “Sure, the television told me to, where do I line up?”

This whole operation has been meticulously planned not just for years but for decades. For a start, the notion that the experimental mRNA gene therapies are unsafe because they have been rushed through development in a “warp speed” manner is nonsense – they have had these kill shots developed and ready for years waiting for the time to strike. They are unsafe not because they have been rushed but because they are meant to kill. Next, they know that if loads of people fall over and die after the 1st or 2nd shots that will put off many punters and they won’t achieve their objective of getting most everyone jabbed, so the initial shots contain a large percentage of placebos or they prime for death later but do not kill. So they have planned it out to lure, coerce and then finally force everyone into taking these shots before the major death waves hit. The latest hysteria over the Delta variant is designed to suck in remaining doubters and provide the justification for forcibly jabbing the holdouts. Those who have already received the 1st and 2nd shots have had their immune systems wrecked and are primed to be taken out by later boosters. Either the Delta variant booster or one to follow will contain the “kill switch” that causes a mass dieoff and they will do this once almost all have submitted to the experimental mRNA gene therapies. A percentage of the recipients will not die but will be genetically transformed and prepared via the chips and graphene oxide infusion to be hooked up to the 5G network for later monitoring and control, to be used as transhuman slaves.

According to Satanic principles you maximize your power over people by getting them to “step over the threshold” voluntarily to be vaccinated. It started with the 50% or so of the population who are mindless idiots lining up to be jabbed. Next up were the fools who were offered cheap bribes like free doughnuts and lottery tickets, and even a side of fries. Then coercion was employed and is now being employed - you can’t enter a restaurant, go to a concert, keep your job or get on an airplane without being jabbed etc. and this will be stepped up to include making bank transactions and enter stores so that the unvaxxed become social outcasts. All these means should get the majority to take the final step themselves, and become the property of their Masters. The goal is to have everyone submit to the experimental mRNA gene therapies, because they can then be controlled and monitored via 5G, which is why Elon Musk has sent up literally thousands of satellites, and the most stubborn holdouts will be either forcibly jabbed on their doorsteps or dragged off to concentration camps (Oh, I’m sorry – quarantine centers) to be either worked to death or outright exterminated.

When I started writing these essays about a year ago, I thought that there was some chance that humanity might step back from the brink, but I now realize that this is unlikely to happen – most people are still going along with it and this thing has built up such momentum that it now looks unstoppable, and perhaps, in the larger scheme of things this is meant to happen. Any thinking person understands that the world is grossly overpopulated and in need of a cull and clearly, the NWO are stepping up to the plate to get the job done, albeit using cruel and extremely ruthless deception and methods. There are those who protest “Who are they to decide who lives and who dies?” Well, the NWO can fairly argue that if fate hadn’t wanted them to undertake this grim but necessary task, then they wouldn’t be rich and powerful in the first place, and I say that knowing that I probably won’t be around in a few years’ time either. However, it is clear that they are not operating from altruistic motives, since they do not intend to let the survivors of the cull live in peace and dignity – instead they want to turn them into transhuman slaves, kind of like high-tech versions of the Morlocks in H G Wells’ story The Time machine”. They must therefore be considered Satanic.

One big reason that the NWO have no qualms about killing most of the people on the planet is that they regard them as inferior morons – “untermensch” to use a term that Klaus Schwab would readily understand and when you look at these two videos you can see that they may have a point. Look at the number of hits Mike Adams’ incredibly prescient July 2019 video predicting everything that has come to pass since has, a dismal 8,944 and then look at the number of hits of this DMX video at 101,759,936 has and you should be able to understand why Darwinism is now swinging into action. DMX recently died after being vaccinated – what a coincidence.

So is it a waste of time writing these essays? I don’t think so - if I persuade even a few of you to avoid submitting to the experimental mRNA gene therapies and also to make the kind of survival preparations recommended by Mike Adams at Natural News, it will have been worth it. It is worth listening to at least some of Mike Adams’ daily reports at this time, even though they tend to be long, while he is still on the air, as with Cyber Polygon now in the rearview mirror, the internet could get taken down at any time.

In conclusion, 2021 will go down as a truly terrible year in the history of the world, and may go down as the worst year in all recorded history. Certainly it is already a terrible year for the thousands who have already died from the experimental mRNA gene therapies and starvation caused by the lockdowns. This is the year when the “Big Kill” starts as we go through the destructive years that usher in the new epoch. With the NWO on a roll and introducing draconian legislation at breakneck speed, thousands dead and incapacitated by the vaccines and society being destroyed, the dim-witted public are starting to wake up to what is being done to them, especially in France where there have been huge demonstrations in recent days, so it looks like the tide may be turning. However, the NWO have factored all this into their plans and will move to outflank the masses by attacking from different directions with the possibility of much more virulent bioweapons that really will kill a significant percentage of the population, takedowns of the internet and the electric supply which will be blamed on cyberattacks or even solar flares, and massive engineered food shortages. When the internet reappears, all content and sites that do not fit the narrative will probably have vanished. If the public riot and loot as in South Africa this will play into the NWO’s hands as it will enable them to institute permanent martial law which the public have already been inducted into via the lockdowns, and to the extent that the masses wreck the infrastructure where they live, they will pay when they later starve to death.

Following is a brief list of some of the more important videos that I have seen in the recent past. Some of them are long, but if you have not seen them they are definitely worth watching...

THIS IS THE END by Greg Reese.

Dr Charles Hoffe explains the process by which the majority of those who receive experimental mRNA gene therapies will be dead in less than 3 years as a result of blood clotting already occurring at the capillary level.

This interesting video explains What Covid Injections do to your blood.

Mike Adams of naturalnews.com lays it out in HEALTH RANGER EXPOSES PLANNED TAKEDOWN OF AMERICA. While some of what Adams sets out is outlandish and hard to believe, we should keep in mind that he predicted everything that has come to pass in 2020 and 2021 in the middle of 2019, which video was linked above.

In Deadly COVID mRNA Shot Is Made To Murder You Alex Jones nearly bursts a blood vessel as he makes an impassioned plea for the insouciant masses to wake up.

Ve hav vays of taking down ze internet and even if our explanation that it was caused by Russian hackers or a solar flare isn't credible it doesn't matter because ve control ze media and zer is nuffin you can do about it.

Just in we have the Bombshell video THE JAB IS AN ACT OF TERRORISM. If society was functioning normally what is in this video would result in the architects of the experimental mRNA gene therapy scam being executed or at least carted off to jail to do a very long sentence, but it probably won’t have much impact because it apparently no longer matters if something is illegal.

It's always good to end a dark piece like this on a lighter note as there is humor to be found even in the darkest of situations as in FREE FALLIN' STARRING BUILDING 7. For the NWO the major false flag of 9/11 was a glorious day that is fondly remembered as a major milestone on the road to where we are now.

Posted at 3.10 pm EDT on 20th July 21.

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