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The Great Reset Part 1 was the Covid agenda. The Great Reset Part 2 is the war in the Ukraine and the plan may be to expand it across Eastern Europe. Note that Part 1 will continue to be advanced behind the smokescreen of Part 2. We know that the Ukraine war is Part 2 because of the way that wall to wall media coverage of Covid was suddenly and almost completely replaced by wall to wall coverage of Ukraine.

The assessment that follows may seem cynical, but it is necessary to be both cynical and objective to cut through the thick smog of deception and propaganda concerning Ukraine in order to discern what it is really all about.

Russia was goaded and provoked into invading Ukraine by the actions of its puppet government and NATO and the western powers generally in pursuit of various nefarious objectives. They set a “bear trap” and Russia fell right into it. For a long time prior to the invasion, western intelligence agencies and special forces etc. had positioned well-armed guerilla cells to take on the Russians once they invaded. So what happened is that once Russia had gotten deep enough into Ukrainian territory they were in effect ambushed by an enemy who had been preparing for them for a long long time.

What is the purpose of all this? – what are the main goals of getting Russia to invade? The conflict in Ukraine “checks all the boxes” when it comes to fulfilling Globalist and US geopolitical and strategic objectives.

The main obective is to weaken Russia by getting it bogged down in a war of attrition in Ukraine and also by means of the severe sanctions and economic isolation imposed, using the invasion as the excuse for these. They want to destroy Russia economically and militarily and eventually absorb it into the hegemonic empire.

Once Russia falls they plan to go after China and the Hegemon (the US) just warned China that they would “impose heavy costs” if China supports Russia in any way with respect to its operations in Ukraine. This is a bluff of course and China would be foolish to fall for it, because if the empire takes down Russia, China will be next on the chopping block. The solution for both China and Russia is obvious. They should join forces and create a closed economic system using primarily the Yuan which is bolstered by their big holdings of gold. They certainly have the economic and military potential to do this and all the farmland necessary to feed their people, especially after numbers have been reduced by the vaccine bioweapon program. If they did take this bold step other southeast Asian nations would quickly come on board with them whereupon a defence umbrella would quickly need to be thrown over them by China to avoid a Hegemon attack.

The Hegemon’s power up to now has been derived from its having the world’s reserve currency, which means that all it has to do is print loads of money which it then swaps it for all the goods and services it wants from the rest of the world, on which it lives as a parasite, and also buy off business leaders and politicians worldwide with bribes. Up to now they have gotten away with it, but the rest of the world is getting tired of it, and this system is becoming increasingly unstable and untenable because the Hegemon’s manufacturing capability has all been outsourced, and the money creation has gone parabolic raising the specter of the dollar becoming worthless – hence the need for a “Great Reset”.

This brings us to the other big reasons that the globalists are loving the Ukraine invasion. In the first place it provides the perfect distraction from all the mounting vaccine deaths and injuries at a time when they were becoming very obvious and while the public’s attention is diverted to the Ukraine, with wall to wall media coverage of Covid being suddenly replaced by wall to wall coverage of Ukraine, the Globalists are furtively and rapidly advancing their digital currency and total surveillance society agendas. The general public, who are by their very nature gullible, ignorant and stupid, have now been furnished with the perfect hate figure on which to focus their venom thanks to the Russian invasion, in the form of Vladimir Putin. It only takes a couple of seconds with a black marker pen to draw a square moustache under Putin’s nose and voila! - there you have him – the new Hitler, and if you want to “go the extra mile” you can add a black forelock. Putin has been demonized in the western mainstream media in recent weeks with Biden just yesterday labelling him “a war criminal” which is a bit rich coming from a demented senile old criminal and pervert who is an apt symbol for an empire in the last stages of decay, and it’s not even a case of “the pot calling the kettle black” because Putin at least knows where he is and what time of day it is. The other day Nancy Pelosi was trembling and muttering gibberish as she sycophantically fawned over the Ukrainian President while introducing his speech to Congress. The US government now looks like an old folks home or a nut house like the one in the 70’s classic movie One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest.

Another “benefit” of the Ukraine invasion is that it has driven a huge wedge between Europe and Russia and prevented the many benefits that would have come from cooperation between these major geographic blocks, like the completed but now shelved Nordstream 2 gas pipeline. Most European countries are vassals of the Hegemon and will happily “shoot themselves in the foot” to gain the approval of their Master across the pond. The most notable examples of this are Britain and Germany. Britain likes to talk about the “special relationship” it has with the US, which largely boils down to ritualized boot licking by Britain, perhaps the most cringeworthy example being the Blair – Bush relationship, while Germany demonstrates its fealty by wasting billions of taxpayers money on a large fleet of vastly overpriced F-35 fighters, whose massive price tag is a result of this frankenstinian creation being the work of a committee whose primary interest was “pork”, not creating a cost effective new aircraft. Instead of spending their taxpayer’s money on improving the lives of their citizens, the European Union can now seize the opportunity to sluice countless billions of euros across to US arms manufacturers like Lockheed Martin and Raytheon.

Unfortunately, take up of the vaccines, while high for something that is an unapproved bioweapon, has not been high enough to meet the Globalists depopulation objectives, so the baton is now being passed to a war in Europe. Benefits that will soon result from the war (for the Globalists) will be a huge reduction in the quantity of corn and wheat on the market due to Belorussia, Hungary, Russia and Ukraine no longer exporting them, that will drive prices through the roof and lead to mass starvation, especially as Russian exports of fertilizer and Belorussian exports of potash will now stop too. Globalists are also waging a war on hydrocarbons, by closing down oil pipelines in the US and now cutting off the supply of Russian oil, in order to drive up the price of all oil and gas products, especially gasoline, which will have the added “benefit” of driving up farmer’s costs and greatly increase the cost of producing fertiliser which uses natural gas as a vital part of the production process.

This shortage should result in a “windfall kill” of between 1 and 2 billion people to add to the 1.5 billion set to die within the next 10 years (possibly much less) from the “vaccines”. So the Globalists may soon be almost halfway towards their objective of reducing the population to 1 billion by the end of the decade – but don’t believe me – go the World Economic Forum’s website and read it for yourself. Later bonuses will accrue from the unvaxxed being shut out of economy when cash is eliminated, and the deaths resulting from desperate people going on the rampage, not to mention a possible zombie apocalypse as the vaxxed undergo transformation into the undead.

If Putin wants to have any measure of success in Ukraine and prevent the Hegemon turning the tables on him he has to stop any and all shipments of arms entering the country from the west, which means securing the borders completely. This will not be easy as many of these weapons are small scale and can be brought into the country clandestinely using off road routes and there will be the ever present risk of direct conflict with NATO forces across the border or even entering the country that could easily lead to escalation. With respect to this it is worth noting that the Globalists are not averse to a limited nuclear war as that would up the death count, especially as many of the vaccinated have severely compromised immune systems that will not repair DNA damage caused by nuclear fallout and so can be killed by background radiation. The Globalists have underground bunkers and hideouts in New Zealand and other places and can wait out any such larger conflict. Don’t forget that these people are maniacs as they have amply demonstrated over the past 2 years or so, so don’t think that they wouldn’t do this.

This is a very unusual situation because normally those at the top of the pyramid (Globalists) tolerate the existence of those at the bottom of the pyramid since they exist as a workforce whose toil enables those at the top of the pyramid to live lives of resplendant luxury and indulgence. But now we are in a situation where they want to – and are actively plotting to – kill most of those at the bottom of the heap and turn the survivors into a controlled and modified underclass. The explanation seems to be that there are simply too many proletariat /sheeple – far more than is necessary given modern production processes where sophisticated robots are now replacing people. So they have now decided to get rid of most people, and the majority are going along with it, wearing oxygen stealing masks and lining up for death shots. So it’s easy to understand why the Globalists think most people are so stupid they deserve to be culled.

One question that I do not have the answer to regards the extent to which the Globalists (New World Order / World Economic Forum) have infiltrated and control China and Russia – China might be their HQ which makes sense given that the total control grid they have planned for the entire world is already in operation there. If they really do control Russia then it makes it more likely that the Ukraine invasion and resulting hysteria is an orchestrated circus in pursuit of Globalist objectives. Putin has been photographed at WEF gatherings and with Klaus Schwab which of course raises red flags – no, not those red flags, although this doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s on board with them.

You may find yourself thinking “If The Great Reset Part 1 is the Covid Agenda and The Great Reset Part 2 is the Ukraine war then what will be Part 3? That’s a good question and the answer is that it will probably be a major cyberattack. The WEF, courtesy of its key henchman Klaus Schwab, have already delighted in telegraphing that a major cyberattack is coming and it was a toss up whether the cyberattack or the war would be Part 2 of The Great Reset, and as it turned out the war was, which means that the cyberattack is probably next as the war provides the perfect pretext to blame it on Russia.

Some of you may recall the ominous warning given by Klaus Schwab which he delivers with an interesting balance of gravitas and barely concealed glee. Klaus Schwab makes the perfect villain as he is reminiscent of the character Blofold the bald-headed megalomanic in the Bond movies who was the head of SPECTRE and intent on world domination, only lacking the white cat. If you should happen to meet Schwab you can take the opportunity to point this out to him, as I’m sure he will be flattered at the comparison, especially if you display due deference and address him as “Number 1”. Apparently Schwab wants to upload himself to the Cloud before he dies so that he can live for ever – hopefully he will be able to upload his Darth Vader jacket too so that he has it handy.

When you watch Blofeld in You Only Live Twice you realize that this film may have been another predictive programming movie. In the video clip linked above Schwab reveals that it will not just be a one-off cyberattack but what he calls a cyberpandemic which implies that it will be an ongoing thing. Such an attack would completely halt access to truthful reporting on anything and force people to get info from the mainstream media and the television which are completely contolled by the Globalists. Then, when the internet is reopened you will need a username and password to access it and also evidence of vaccination with access being denied to anyone unvaxxed or classed as a dissident. Further out, The Great Reset Part 4 may be the stage that involves elimination of cash and the introduction of the “mark of the beast” digital currency system and The Great Reset Part 5, if that’s what it turns out to be, may involve vaccine boosters with a much higher kill rate that can be used to advance the depopulation agenda towards completion. So, as you can appreciate, we have a lot to look forward to.

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