originally published Thursday, November 16, 2023

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We are truly entering into uncharted territory. Money creation has gone vertical in a desperate attempt to stop the system locking up completely in the face of impossibly huge debt levels with wars being used as the latest excuse to create extra liquidity but it now doesn’t matter how much extra money they create, it is never enough. With this course of action continuing and accelerating, hyperinflation must be the inevitable result, and in the US real inflation is already well over 20% as most shoppers will attest.

With the BRICS nations expanding in number and squirreling away gold as fast as they can, especially China and Russia, and Saudi Arabia having swung its orientation to the east, it is clear that the end of the dollar as the world reserve currency is nigh. It is also now well understood that the debts represented by Treasuries will never be honored, in other words Treasuries are garbage investments – this is why they have been selling off heavily in the recent past. With the Treasury market failing the days of the US swapping paper IOU’s for goods and services with the rest of the world and then using some of the proceeds to create a gigantic war machine with which to bully the rest of the world into conformity will soon be over and that will be a very bad day for US consumers whose standard of living will plummet – more than it has already - and it will also be impossible for the US to fund its massive military machine that spans the world with about 800 military bases.

The understanding that time is running out is what has prompted the Neocons and Zionists who run both Israel and the US which are in effect joined at the hip to “make their move” and advance the “Greater Israel” project which involves a major geographical expansion of the country. This project actually started with 9/11 which was a classic false flag whose purpose was to provide the excuse to move in and smash up countries perceived to be a possible threat or impediment to the Greater Israel Project, namely Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria, especially as the latter two were suppliers of arms to Hezbollah. Libya was destroyed because it intended moving away from the US dollar in oil trading. The one big prize on the list that has not been dealt with up to now is of course Iran. What is therefore happening now as a preliminary step is that Israel is moving to either exterminate the remaining Palestinians within its boundaries or drive them out with the particularly brutal treatment of them designed to goad other states in the region to intervene, in particular Iran, which will provide the excuse to bomb them back to the Stone Age. There is another easy to understand reason that Israel is moving against the Palestinians in Gaza with the aim of eliminating them and absorbing Gaza into Israel and this is that there is a massive oil and gas field right off the coast of Gaza that is worth a huge amount of money and in light of this the takeover of Gaza can be viewed as a simple act of piracy as made clear in WHY ISRAEL INVADED GAZA. It has to be said that they are doing a good job of riling up Turkey. The dream is to create a Greater Israel that extends from the Euphrates river to the Nile, which needless to say will involve grabbing a lot of territory from surrounding countries. The reason that time is of the essence is that the dollar is teetering on the verge of collapse and the US economy is teetering on the verge of imploding, and once that happens it will no longer be possible to fund the giant colonial war machine.

Unfortunately for Israel, actions have consequences even when you think you have it all under control, and despite robust attempts to gloss over the horrors of the genocide that it is currently being perpetrated against the Palestinians by mainstream media outlets such as the BBC and CNN, the truth has found its way out via the independent media that the establishment has been and is working strenuously to suppress and marginalize. So all but the most obtuse understand what has been and is going on there, which is why there have been enormous demonstrations against it around the world. It is now crystal clear to all but compromised apologists that Israel is a terrorist state that only gets away with what it does, defying and ignoring the Geneva conventions and the Nuremburg codes which makes it a criminal entity, because it controls the US, uses its military as its personal “sledgehammer” and generally parasitizes it with many Israeli citizens living “the life of Riley” on the back of the US taxpayers while an increasing number of US citizens are sleeping rough on the streets as the economy crumbles. One of the biggest consequences of their recent actions will be that they will no longer be able to play the “Holocaust card” portraying themselves as perpetual victims worthy of unending support as they have done very effectively for almost 80 years now. This for the simple reason that it is untenable given that they are committing a holocaust themselves. But perhaps the biggest breakthrough will come when the catch all charge of “antisemitism” is laughed off and ignored and if they keep on doing what they are doing that could happen sooner rather than later. This will be the point at which their stranglehold on society, especially in Germany and the US, vanishes.

One of the big reasons for the Ukraine war, apart from messing up China’s Belt and Road plans viz-a-viz Europe and weakening Russia through attrition and siphoning US taxpayers’ money into the criminal mafia’s pockets, was to clear out the locals – the women and children departed as refugees and the men were fed into a meat grinder on the Eastern front to get rid of them – thus making way for the country to become a “back up Israel” in the event that things don’t go so well in the Holy Land and they can fall back to the land of the Ukraine, but if the project to create a Greater Israel goes well then later on, if Turkey can be subdued or appropriated, then Greater Israel and Ukraine can be united by a land bridge through what is now Turkey to become probably the dominant power in Asia – once you comprehend how these people think you can understand why crushing to death a few thousand Palestinian children under tons of masonry doesn’t cause them to lose any sleep at all – as Madelaine Allbright once made clear, to them, the end justifies the means. By the way, the Ukraine war has been lost, so you had better stick a new badge on your lapel, but its real objectives have been achieved which were to depopulate Ukraine, and siphon hundreds of millions of dollars of US taxpayer money into the pockets of people like Zelensky and to use up some of Russia’s military power.

It has to be said that the “official” explanation of who and what was behind the events of 9/11 was laughable and absurd with the story about a bearded guy with a walking stick in a cave in Afghanistan masterminding the whole thing and I happen to agree with the Zionists that the majority of the Goyim are absolute morons who will believe anything if it is presented to them in the right way – look at the way they all wore useless and health damaging cloth diapers on their faces in 2020 and 2021 and then mindlessly lined up to be injected with sterilising poisons. So all they had to do was provide a flimsy excuse for the genocidal holocaust they are now perpetrating against the Palestians by standing down their impregnable defenses around Gaza and then grossly exaggerating what the Hamas invaders did – another classic false flag.

So the question now is “Will Iran “take the bait” and intervene to save the Palestinians (what’s left of them) from the current campaign by Israel to exterminate them or drive them out into Sinai or anywhere else that will take them in?” If it doesn’t then it is likely that another false flag will be organised that could be dramatic, such as a nuke going off somewhere that is blamed on Iran which will then be bombed back to the Stone Age. It is thought unlikely that despite Erdogan’s bellicose condemnation of Israel, which appears to be largely designed to impress his local constituency, Turkey will intervene because even though Turkey has an impressive military, Erdogan probably won’t want to face off against the US war machine.

What makes this situation so incredibly dangerous is that some of the countries in the Mid-East that would formerly have been written off as a collection of impotent goat herders or nomads now have some serious weapons, such as hypersonic missiles that can send US aircraft carriers down to Davy Jones fast, plus there is the real risk that the oriental great powers such as China, which probably doesn’t like the idea of its Mid-East oil supply being shut down by the hegemon, and Russia will take exception to the latest US – Israel power play and intervene militarily such as Russia did in Syria to thwart the Hegemon’s plans, although not before the Hegemon inspired uprising and resulting war had wrecked Syria, and if this happens then we are really are looking at WW3. Once one side looses off a nuke they will quickly be flying in all directions and this would perhaps explain the Deagel prediction of a 70% drop in the US population by 2025 and even more in the UK. You might say “They wouldn’t do that, would they?” It’s important to understand that the people at the top of the pyramid are avowed Satanists who get off on death, destruction and suffering, as long as it’s happening to someone else, and the more of it they can cause the happier they are and they are really enjoying pulverising Gaza right now. So we cannot rule out the possibility that they would intentionally provoke a nuclear war – they have well stocked underground bunkers, Pacific islands retreats and vast estates in New Zealand where they can wait out the fallout.

One amusing aside to all this is Trump’s campaign for re-election. Trump has done a tremendous and unsurpassed job of fawning to Israel and the Jews controlling the US – you’ve got no chance if you don’t – in recent weeks talking about his 100% commitment to supporting Israel whatever it does and his earlier promotion of “the beautiful vaccine” which was a largely Jewish creation, that has conservatively killed 20 million people and made a lot of those who took it sterile. Trump is a very savvy operator and a consummate showman, his rallies have an almost religious fervor and he talks like a preacher skillfully playing the audience, in marked contrast to Biden who is an out-and-out goofball. A nice touch was the carefully orchestrated circus about him being indicted and having his “mug shot” taken at some local police station. This cemented his credentials amongst traditional right wing conservative voters and especially the working class as being a maverick and “one of us”.

The original reason for writing all this is an attempt to explain that a very high stakes game is playing out across the Mid-East that will determine the fate of the entire world for many years to come, and also to try to explain why this situation is likely to escalate dramatically, partly due to the gathering economic meltdown caused by the implosion of the maxxed out debt market. A big consequence of further escalation may well be a major disruption to the supply of Mid-East oil, either due to Iran closing the Strait of Hormuz or due to a possibly widespread oil embargo, or both, that could cause the price of oil to skyrocket, perhaps to as high as $300 a barrel or even more which would act as a catalyst to the impending economic collapse. This is a reason that investments in the oil sector are considered to have enormous upside potential here, which is enhanced by the sector reaction from the late September peak. So there are practical reasons for monitoring geopolitical developments. These major geopolitical upheavals are likely to send gold and silver prices up into the stratosphere too, although a complicating factor for Precious Metals stock prices would be that a very high oil price would up mining companies’ costs enormously, because of course the production of gold and silver involves the use of great quantities of diesel fuel to power mining machinery. Oil prices are taking an absolute hammering as this is being written, having been in decline since late September, but this is not expected to last. So we will be looking at selected oil investments on the site soon.

End of diatribe.

Footnote: what is written here represents my attempt to pull together the larger pieces of a giant and complex puzzle and I don’t pretend to have all the answers. So I would welcome any insights that subscribers or other readers care to share with me so that I can incorporate worthwhile ideas or perspectives into my thinking. I find the geopolitics of all this most interesting and of course the explanations for events habitually fed to the general public by the mainstream media are nonsense. Over 100 years later most ordinary people don’t understand that the 1st World War was started in part to strip Germany of its power and create the conditions for the Bolshevik revolution in Russia, that world Jewry declared war on Germany as early as 1933 because Hitler kicked Jewish bankers out of Germany which is a reason why its economy boomed so quickly in the 30’s, that Pearl Harbor was allowed to happen so that the public mood would support US entry into the 2nd World War, that President Kennedy was shot because he intended to curtail the Fed’s power and of course that 9/11 was a false flag whose main purpose was to provide an excuse to attack those countries in the Mid-East perceived to be a possible threat or restraint to Israel.

Posted at 2.00 pm EDT on 16th November 23.

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