originally published Thursday, January 26, 2023

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All Gold & Silver Stocks

We have done well with this as we bought it at exactly the right time just over a week ago on the 18th following a reaction, and as expected it has taken off higher on another upleg. Yesterday it rocketed higher and closed 45% up on the day on massive record volume. However this enormous volume means probable short-term burnout, especially as this is a stock that is partly driven by hype. So it is considered best to TAKE PROFITS IMMEDIATELY. There are plenty of other worthwhile stocks that are at good entry points where funds can be immediately redeployed, such as Arizona Silver Exploration, Lithium Chile, McFarlane Lake which had positive drilling news out last night, Recharge Resources that we recently bought before its last upleg which is looking most attractive here following a small bull Flag, Reyna Silver which has been whacked down and is oversold and Snowline Gold which has been beaten down to important support where it looks set to reverse to the upside. We’ll be looking at these stocks as soon as time permits.

X-Terra Resources website

X-Terra Resources Inc., XTT.V, XTRRF on OTC, closed at C$0.14, $0.116 on 25th January 23.

Posted at 9.20 am EST on 26h January 23.